Everyone reads about people who have reached 'Guru' status online in just a few years. "Can you actually make money online?" is the question everyone asks anyone involved in online money making.

Yes, you can make money online, but you are not going to become rich enough to buy the yacht, the private jet or your own island.

The Internet represents a massive market of people that is growing everyday. It has become the main way that people find the information they need, as such there are massive advertising opportunities.

Can You Actually Make Money Online From 'Guru' Programs?

NO. NEVER sign up for any of the self-styled guru programs. These people spend thousands of dollars paying psychologists to write emails and to build their websites. Their sites and emails are EXTREMELY persuasive. You may only be signing up for a free course, but that is just the 'come on' to lead you towards purchasing a whole sequence of 'products' that have an ever increasing price tag.

What these ' gurus' sell is so airy-fairy that it is difficult to describe it. Essentially you are being sold the rights to sell an idea. You have to sell that idea to others, who will have the right to sell the idea to others. Does that sound like a pyramid marketing scheme?

The only people who will ever make money selling a 'guru' product are the guru and the people he sells the idea to directly. You will pay your $47; half of that will go to the 'guru' and half to the first tier affiliate who you buy from.

Can You Make Money Online Using eBay?

There are thousands of people doing this as a way of supplementing their income or earning a full-time income. There is not a doubt in the world that you can actually make money online using auction sites.

You still have to make good judgements about what to buy and the prices you sell at. Your reputation on eBay can be ruined by one person misunderstanding what you are selling and giving you a poor rating.

Can You Actually Make Money Online With Your Own Website?

Yes you can. Hosting will cost you about $60 a year. Each website will cost you another $10 a year. Those are your only costs. You just have to get traffic to your websites and put ads in front of them. If one website makes you $100 a year then fifty will make you $5000. Your income from these sites will gradually increase as they slowly move up the search rankings and you build more links into them.

Buy all your domains from the same place or you will end up totally confused if you have more than two or three.

You will need to promote your website every day or it will never be found. You cannot just put up a website and wait for people to come to you. That would be like Walmart building a new shop in the middle of the desert, without ever telling anybody it was there, without car parking and without any roads leading to it.

Can You Actually Make Money Online By Writing Articles?

Yes you can. People do so every day.

Your costs are nil. Every cent you make from advertising linked to your articles.

A few years ago writers gave their articles away for the sake of the back links those articles generated. You can still do that, and even pay websites to distribute your articles for you. These sites are useful but most writers no longer pay to have articles distributed.

There are sites that will pay you a flat rate, upfront fee for each article you write. They give you the title and a very strict series of guidelines to write to. These sites pay $15 or more for an article, but unless you are a professional writer it is difficult to write one of their articles in less than six hours, so the rate of pay is not good. You also surrender all copyright to the site and will never earn another cent from that article, even if it earns $280 for the website that paid you. That $15 is all you are ever going to earn from that article.

You can post your article on a website that gives you a share of all the Adsense clicks that your article generates, for ever. The share you get varies, with 50% being the norm and one site, InfoBarrel.com paying 75-90%.

This is definitely the best way to actually make money online because each article you write should earn you $10 a year, for years to come, forever if you keep the article's content current and updated. Your income will gradually increase as you add more and more articles to the site. If you enjoy writing it is stress free and the only deadlines are those that you impose on yourself.

Be very cautious about signing up for any of these sites. Some are very cagey about the secret formula they use to work out how much you will get. Some have a clique of established writers who are not helpful to newcomers. Other sites will delete large numbers of articles without notice and without giving authors the opportunity to make changes in the articles.

If you are serious about writing articles for a share of Adsense income then I urge you to try InfoBarrel.com out first.

Check out the forum, introduce yourself and see if this is the writing community for you. You need a supportive community of writers to help you when things go badly, to congratulate you when things are going right and to learn from.

Writing articles for Info Barrel has some unique advantages: you are allowed to put your own referral links in the body of your article, you can also have a multitude of signatures, one per niche if you are writing in different niches. All this on top of an easily attained 90% share of Adsense clicks.