breast cancer


I don’t think it’s ethical to say that you can totally avoid breast cancer since someone may inherit this disease or at least it may increase the chances of you getting it. There are strategies that have been known to help cut the risk of this disease.  A healthy lifestyle among other things cannot only cut the risk but help you fight against it if you do get it.

Eating habits

It has been known for a long time that a healthy diet can help you fight against many diseases.  This includes breast cancer and all forms of cancer. We have become a society that eats processed foods which have no real nutritional value to us.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best healthy source of food that you can find. Occasionally eating unhealthy foods would be a better option. A diet with high fiber foods can help with breast cancer as the fiber blocks unneeded estrogen which may cause breast cancer. It’s highly recommended to eat 2-4 fruits and vegetable each day.  It’s healthful to keep your diet to at least a low fat level. 


It’s been said that exercising 4-5 times per week will add many years to your life.  Find something that you enjoy, set some goals so that it doesn’t get old. Once you start, you will see a difference in your muscle tone and flexibility. The things that were hard to do, will become much easier.  You will have more energy and your mind will be clearer.  All of this benefit and it will help you fight off disease, like breast cancer as well.

Natural deodorant- using natural deodorant may help prevent breast cancer. Most deodorants have aluminum in them which may be suggested breast cancer cause. The aluminum is absorbed into the body and breast cancer is only one among some of the diseases you may face.  The research on this theory is not conclusive but since most anything can be absorbed through the skin, to me it is likely. You can make your own natural deodorant or if you don’t have the time go to your local health store E-Bay is also a good source to find home-made products of this kind.  From experience, I’ve learned that Tea Tree oil can be very irritating to some people and may cause rashes under the arm. So you may try to find some without this ingredient or one that has a combination of ingredients. Tea Tree oil smells very strong too so finding one with lavender or some other pleasant smell can help to mask the strong smell.  Tea Tree oil is a natural antibacterial agent.  Below is a home-made recipe that is very simple and does not include tea tree oil.

Basic Recipe for Home-made deodorant:

      Cornstarch (1/4 cup)

      Coconut oil (6-8 tbs)

      Baking soda (1/4 cup)

      Lavender, orange  (5-10 drops essential oil)

Mix these ingredients to make about the same consistency of commercial deodorants. You can put this is in a covered jar or scoop into an empty deodorant container.

Keeping your body or your immune system at its best can increase your chances of avoiding disease or fighting it off effectively. Everything you put into your body accounts for how well you will fight off diseases, like cancer, in the future.  

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