Can You Be Fat and Pretty: Pretty Fat women Reverse Butterface?

It seems that in today's world everyone wants to be pretty. There is more emphasis placed on beauty and staying young that the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollars business. Not too long ago, it was important to be a well mannered person. People who are well behaved were greatly appreciated. That is no longer the case. In today’s celebrity crazed world, you are encouraged to do everything you can to keep your outward appearance and pay very little attention to your personality. Analyzing what it takes to be pretty can be quite deceptive. For example, it is generally perceived that plus size people or plus size women are not pretty according to the standard of modern society. Therefore the question, can you be fat and pretty?

At times people say something like, she has got such a pretty face but she is a big woman. That tends to imply that you can the fat and pretty but you will be better off if you are not that big. The perception of beauty and weight is also a cultural thing. Before the Western culture became dominant, some countries or communities actually pride themselves on being voluptuous. That is slow eroding away to the point that eating disorder has become a problem in countries where that was almost never heard of.

Jill Scott is an example of her fat and pretty woman. She is of course an actress and a singer and that is why she is famous. Some people would say she is very huggable and cute. Others will only see a woman that is plus size and that needs to lose weight. No matter how you feel about her, she is a big pretty woman.

There are those who use the term, reverse butterface as a way to describe a pretty face with a larger body. The problem with the use of such a term for fat people with pretty face is that, it seems to imply that they cannot go beyond the body image. It is obvious that you can be fat and pretty but that will depend mostly on the way people perceive your look and your personality. There are those who are considered to be beautiful but might have a very bad personality. The ironic thing about that is, most men don't actually care about personality. Most will just be happy to have a pretty woman walk alongside them. It has often been said that men can be shallow when it comes to looks. The funny thing is that women are just as bad as men when it comes to judging other women. They might not stare at the woman with a fat but pretty face and lusting over what they see, but they might give her a good look and be jealous about her pretty face. They will likely also criticize the fact that she is plus size in order to make themselves feel better.

A lot of celebrities will say that it is not important to be size zero. However, when they are unable to get work, they will do everything in their power to lose weight. This is of course a contradiction but also reflects the reality of having a pretty face and being fat. Even if you are happy with the way you look, there are situations in life that will make you want to conform to the general perception of beauty. That is why a lot of celebrities who are unable to lose weight opt to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Can you be fat and pretty? If you have ever heard about Nigella Lawson, you will likely admire her for being true to herself and for being a good cook. That said, there are so many press articles about her being pretty but also being fat. She was once photographed in Australia in a Burkini. Since then, some have suggested that she covered up her body because she was ashamed of being plus size. Few months later, she went on a diet plan in order to lose weight.

A lot of pretty face women will definitely love to lose weight and have a smaller frame. They will also like to keep their cute little face. The problem with that is, when you lose a lot of weight, you tend to lose your cute face as well. The only way to avoid this is to prevent your weight from getting out of hand. That is of course easier said than done. It is very difficult if you love to eat and at the same time want to be able to keep your weight under control. Some people choose to eat whatever they like but exercise a lot in order to keep their weight under control.

It is not a compliment to call a woman a reverse butterface. If you are a man, you will likely get kicked where you will feel pain the most. It doesn't matter what your intentions are, there are things that should not be said. Another reason why the term reverse butterface can be insulting is, you are objectifying the woman. Even those who sell their body for a living will not appreciate your comment.

Being pretty and fat is not a problem as long as you feel good about yourself. You will experience the same problem like most people. Like everyone, you will want to keep your pretty face and have a perfect body. That is the same problem other women have to deal with. It is very difficult to be happy with what you've got. That is because there is always someone who seems to have what you want. That is why the beauty industry keeps promising false hopes by playing on the insecurities of many.

If you a pretty fat woman and you're not happy with some parts of your body, there is nothing wrong with taking it. You can buy spanx or any other compression clothing in order to enhance your figure. If it makes you feel good and you can afford it, there is nothing stopping you from indulging yourself.

There are times when it is good to be to be average. That is to say, you don't have an exceptionally cute face and neither do you have a very large frame. The good thing about this is, you will have very little to change. That said, you will still want to look $1 million, but if you are able to accept yourself and are grateful for the little you have, you will go a long way.