Among people, a question is raised very often : „Can you become lactose intolerant?”. Unfortunately it is possible in numerous cases due to the fact, that the lactose intolerance is the common disease among young and old. In order to cover the topic, I would like to cover briefly this phenomena, as well as provide some solution, how can one fight the lactose intolerance.

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Lactose intolerance

At first, what the lactose intolerance is? It is the inability to digest this chemical substance properly, and can lead to many problematic issues, like nausea, stomachache, diarrhea and many others. To take a glimpse about the detailed information, I strongly recommend the lecture of an article addressing this issue in more detailed way[1013]. There are two main subcategories of the given problem. One of them is the situation, when the lactose intolerance is considered mild, and any health problems occur only while large amounts of lactose are consumed in meals and drinks. The other one is the hard disease, in which even the smallest amounts of lactose can lead to health problems. There are also three medical divisions, called primary, secondary and congenital lactase deficiency respectively, that can be caused by genetic problems or intestine injuries.[1014] 


Can you become lactose intolerant?

The answer to the question above is – yes[1015]]. It is possible to become a lactose intolerant in the case when the small intestine is damaged or the gene responsible for it is genetically activated. Also if you were suffering for some linked diseases like prolonging diarrhea, you must be aware. Among infants not many are suffering this disease, but medical records proved that the situation can occur in limited number of cases. The same situation goes with elderly people that have crossed their fifties. The most probable span for falling ill is period between 18 and about 45 years.


How to diagnose the disease?

To fully diagnose, how hard the problem is, there is a strong necessity to visit a doctor during appointment. It is also the easiest way to receive a prescription for vital medicines. In order to make the situation easier for the doctor you should create a complete register of the diet from the point, when the problems occurred (or 2-3 weeks before the day when you will visit the doctor) till the present day. You can initially diagnose yourself by consuming various types of lactose containing products and then leave the product for few days in order to check, which items in your diet are causing problems. This method is often addressed as withdrawal diet.


How to deal with the intolerance?

Can one deal with this lactose problem? There is a solution, but only partial one. Medicine developed lactose supplements, like lactaid milk and also lactase pills, which are to be consumed before diary product intake to prevent unwanted problems occurrence. Those medicaments are not the ultimate solution, and can be useless while the level of intolerance is severe. If it is diagnosed as the hard case, the supplements intake can come unnoticed by our organism. In this case simple dairy products with a lot of lactose, like milk should be limited to minimal amounts and substituted by more suitable items like yoghurts or cheese. The simplest way is to cut of lactose containing products to zero.

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I hope I have provided the answer about the question “Can you become lactose intolerant?”. As you see it is possible, but you can manage it (only the not severe cases) by usage of specially prepared supplements and pills. To wrap up, if the problem is severe and additionally diagnosed by your doctor, you should erase lactose containing products to get better.