How I Found The Best Robot In The World My Roomba 400

If you lead a similar lifestyle to me and the amount of time you actually get to yourself per day is in minutes and not hours, housekeeping tasks can be a real problem.  My daily routine involves a mad dash in the morning to get the kids into school, a normally unpleasant and stressful day at work, providing a taxi service to transport the children to various clubs and activities and then finally home for tea and the bedtime routine.  Doesn't leave a lot of time for housework does it?

As a result of this manic lifestyle my floors and carpets were generally starting to suffer.  I am by all accounts house proud, and seeing the floors constantly littered with dirt and debris, bothered me a great deal.  Within a matter of hours, of a long hard vacuuming session, with my heavy upright, the floors quite honestly looked exactly the same as they had done before I had cleaned.  Dirty paw marks from the dog and biscuit crumbs from the kids were clearly evident, leading me to believe I had wasted my time.

Following some research online I was notified of the Roomba.  The Roomba was a robotic vacuum cleaner, and judging by all the positive comments by way of numerous Roomba reviews, was clearly good at it's job.  The device had been around for some time, leading me to believe I should have done this research a lot sooner.  With so many models of the Roomba available, I now had to make a hard decision.  Would I go for the early Roomba 400?  Or would I choose the more expensive Roomba 550? which was incidentally designed for households with pets.

In the end I went with the 400, which arrived the very next day I ordered it.  After charging the device overnight and minimal assembly work, it was time to get the Roomba to work.  I watched it zig and zag around my lounge floor in utter amazement.  Every time  it approached an obstacle, it would cleverly manoeuvre round.  After 90 minutes of cleaning the product made a beep to alert me it was running low on battery.  I had read in the instruction manual, that regular maintenance and cleaning of the robot after each clean, were vital in keeping the Roomba in tip, top condition.

Whilst carrying out the instructed cleaning tasks, I really got a shock at how much dirt and debris the device had collected. I mean, I knew my floors weren't that clean, but had they really been this dirty? obviously so!  The device works by way of counter rotating brushes, that collect dirt and other objects.  The spinning side brushes, get to the hard to reach places, while the aero-vac system sucks everything collected in to the vacuum bin.

The Roomba 400 has a touch sensor bumper which saves furniture and other valuables from getting marked or damaged.  I programme it to clean, when I am at work which is highly recommended for the feeling of coming home to newly cleaned floors.  The Roomba is hard working, reliable and my new best friend, if your situation with regards to housework is similar to how mine use to be, maybe you need this robot in your life?