Nail Polish that Lasts

Most people who love CND polish want to know: “Can you Buy Shellac Nail Polish?”

Well the answer is YES.

But there is a reason why Shellac finger nail polish isn't readily available in stores, it's because its finger nail polish application and drying system is one of the most unique on the market. Moreover, the nail polish has specific steps that people need to adhere to,  in order for this long lasting nail polish to actually work as advertised and to get up to two weeks in long lasting wear.

The CND (Creative Nail Design) company does have specific shellac salons which are trained to provide the polish application along with the shellac top coat and the UV lamp process, and of course sell the polish.

Keeping Shellac finger nail polish directly out of consumer's hands, ensures that the process by which CND nail polish is applied, is in fact the right one.

 This product is an amazing polish which has a fast drying time and made especially for UV dryers. But luckily with online resources, UV nail dryers can be sourced rather quickly and so can the CND polish.

But you should make sure that you adhere to all of the CND steps in order to get the best shellac nail polish results.

 Nail Polish That Lasts Two Weeks

The CND polish system does and can last up to two weeks. In fact, many women prefer it over gel polish, because it lasts so long and has a mirror finish once complete.

Where Can I Buy It?

 The answer is really simple. CND nail polish can be picked up most places online, including eBay and Amazon, but there are a few rules that should be followed when buying CND and applying it on your own.

  1. Use the CND base coat, color coat and top coat with the CND UV lamp for the best effect. Remember Shellac nail polish was designed for the UV lamp application. And you should adhere to the total application process for the best results. So when buying the base coat, ensure you also purchase the CND top coat and CND color coat too.

  2. Shake the bottles to ensure an even coat and blending of the polish.

  3. Apply thin even strokes for the best look.

  4. Place hands in the CND UV lamp directly below the lamp bulbs.

  5. Lay polished hands flat directly under the UV bulb.

Remember, that there is a reason CND nail polish isn't in your local beauty supply store. There are steps that should ensure that your color lasts up to two weeks. So remember to buy your products as a complete system when you can, this includes top coat, base coat and color coat. Also remember that the UV lamp is what makes this product stay on longer. It's process is comparable to the gel application, but CND polish is well regarded in the industry to be better and longer lasting than gel.

 But if you must purchase your polish outside of a CND nail salon, remember you can get the polish online easily, but make sure you try and purchase the whole CND system and not just the nail color you like.

 So when asking: “Can You Buy Shellac Nail Polish?” just know that you can, but certain care should be taken to make sure your nails are beautifully done.