Many people who suffer through poor mobile phone or cell phone coverage, have often asked themselves and even their cell phone provider: “can you get out of a cell phone contract?” In fact, many cell phone providers threaten their customers by suggesting in the contract that if they leave early, they'll need to pay a cell phone contract termination fee. This often frightens most mobile phone customers into staying and believing that they can't get out of their contract. But the real answer is Yes, you can terminate your cell phone or mobile phone contract early. And there are certain provisions in a wireless contract which makes this entirely possible.

Think of your wireless contract as a simple agreement. Just like in any agreement, both sides must keep their promise and make good on the contract or wireless agreement. Wireless contracts are set up to keep both sides honest, both you AND your cell phone company. And while you can't just terminate or end a cell phone contract for no good reason, you can walk away from a cell phone contract when your wireless company hasn't made good on their agreement to you.

 The Top 5 Justifiable Reasons to Terminate a 2 year Cell Phone Contract

These are the top 5 reasons you can end your wireless contract agreement and NOT be charged an early termination fee.

  1. Sell Your Cell Phone Contract: This effectively terminates your own agreement with your cell phone company. There are a host of websites online from CellSwapper to Reselluar which allow you to sell off your wireless mobile contract to someone else willing to buy. You may wonder why anyone would want to buy a cell phone contract, well it's really simple. Some people only want a short term wireless agreement and would rather be in some form of contract than to have to pay crazy fees to purchase the latest wireless phone, because they aren't in a contract.

  2. File a Complaint with a Regulatory Agency Citing Service Issues: This concept goes back to the notion of any agreement. An agreement is set up so that BOTH sides must perform and meet the said agreement. In this case, a wireless provider per a cell phone contract MUST provide reliable and consistent coverage and service, that's in fact their duty. If this doesn't happen, there are regulatory agencies like the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the PUC (Public Utility Commission) and the AG (Attorney General) which will gladly take complaints and investigate them. Once you have a complaint on file, you are easily able to terminate your contract. I know for a fact that ALL wireless companies are particularly scared of the FCC. They are given spectrum licenses by this entity. And the FCC can also levy fines against wireless companies for a host of issues with those involving licenses and emergency services to name a few.

  3. Move Outside of your Plan's Coverage Area: This is starting to become increasingly more difficult particularly with nation wide service plans. But if you are with a smaller carrier with a small footprint, this may still be possible. If this option isn't available to you, go back to number #2, and take careful note of dropped calls, failed calls, calls that go directly to voice mail, and signal bar issues.

  4. Send your Military Orders: If you're in the military, you can send your orders over to your wireless company to terminate your wireless agreement or contract. If you are deployed or simply move on to another military assignment locally, you cannot be bound by a wireless contract.

  5. Wait for A Change in Rates or Service Offerings: This also doesn't happen often, but when it does you can get ready to call your mobile phone company to cancel your wireless contract, because of the “material change”. Please note that this mostly applies to default rates, so if your package is bundled and the default rate is changing for just text messaging or data, cancel the package and call your mobile phone company back to terminate your service.

So when asking the question, "Can you get out of a cell phone contract," the answer is ALWAYS yes. The easiest way to terminate a 2 year wireless phone agreement is to formally complain to the FCC. Once this complaint is made, the FCC sends over the complaint to the wireless company to answer the complaint. But all you want to terminate your agreement, is for this complaint to be on file with the FCC. Once this complaint is on file you can end your wireless agreement and find the wireless company that suits your needs better.