Using a fireplace to heat your home is a nice idea but, unfortunately, not very practical in its traditional form. While they feel very hot when you are close by, they just cannot get that heat out to the rest of the room, never mind the rest of your home. But even a traditional fireplace can be modified so that it is as good a heater as it is romantic and beautiful.

An ordinary fireplace has two main problems. The doors, if there are any, do not fit tightly. Warm air from the room is sucked out and up the chimney. It is then replaced by the outside air, making the room even colder. Secondly, there is no inherent way for the air that the fire heats to get further out into the room than just a few inches in front of the fireplace.

To make your fireplace the most effective home heater possible, you will probably have to use a wood stove fireplace insert. There are various models on the market that you can review to find which serves your needs best.

The installation is a little more complicated than just putting a wood stove into your existing fireplace as was once done. But it will certainly be safer as well as more efficient. First, all the soot will be cleaned out. Then, a liner will be installed into the chimney so that it can be cleaned without being removed.

A fireplace heat exchanger and a gasketed door will be then be added. The heat exchanger will push the heated air out deeper into the room so that you can feel the heat throughout. The door will reduce the air consumption to just enough to burn the wood.

Rather than an insert, you can use a fireplace blower. These also come in various styles but all will basically take in unheated air and blow out heated air. The air is blown deep into the room so that it does an effective job of heating. These are fairly easy to install, but you may need access to electricity at your fireplace.

If you do not currently have a fireplace, as you are adding one or just building your home, you may also look into a vented air style fireplace. These are far more effective at heating a room, although they may not be able to heat your entire home.

Once you decide on your goals for heating, as well as your budget, you can start doing your research. Once you do, you will find a method of using your fireplace to heat your home that works for both your heating and financial goals.