When you use an elliptical trainer, you use a lot of energy, which means it will take you less time to get more results such as enhancing the cardio capacity and burning out calories. Further, you get to exercise basically all muscle groups in the entire body. It is true that attempting to lose weight is not a joke hence for you to manage to not only lose the weight but also keep it off permanently, you need to exercise regularly. Regular exercise will mean using good training equipment. An elliptical trainer is the new craze in the health and fitness market currently.

There are many things that make an elliptical trainer stand out. First of all, it offers low-impact workout and secondly, it exercises both the upper and lower body concurrently. Low impact exercise of an elliptical trainer ensures there is very little stress and strain exerted on your body, especially on the lower back, the joints, knees and ankles. The legs get to work in an elliptical movement as the equipment is made in such a way that the legs do not leave the foot pedals, neither do they have reverse motion.

Conversely, while running or walking, the feet will be impacted by each stride, and the impact will be dependent on your body weight. This is to say that the impact on overweight people as they walk or run can be very harmful, resulting in strains and even injuries. Thanks to an elliptical trainer, the chances of injuries and strains, regardless of the weight are substantially reduced.

The other feature that makes an elliptical trainer the equipment of choice for many people is that it exercises both the upper and the lower body in tandem. This has two benefits; one you get to burn your calories in a more efficient and uniform way and second you get to tone and build your muscles in the entire body. Exercising on an elliptical trainer works out the hamstrings, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, back, chest, and glutes. There is no exercising equipment at the moment that offers such great benefits.

Pundits suggest that this double workout process reduces the rate of physical exertion. This is to say that you will burn out more calories without a substantial disparity from a less arduous exercise. A point to note however, it would be upon you to exert a logical amount of opposition as you workout. The workout should equally be divided between the upper and lower body for even results.

There is this propensity of allowing your arms move with the handlebars motion, and allowing the legs take up most of the opposition. It is always important to share the resistance load between your arms and legs; in order to have even results such as weight reduction or calorie burn. Using an elliptical trainer is very easy, even for first timers. You can always try it out at your local health and fitness club.