Use the Internet to Make Money Selling Avon

Avon: No Longer Your Grandmother's Company

In a time when money can be extremely tight, many people, specifically women, want to know: “can you make money selling Avon”?  

And the answer is yes. But Avon is no longer your grandmother’s company, where you could do well just going door to door or having Avon selling parties. And sure many of the sound selling principles of the founder David McConnell are still there, but times have changed especially with the increased popularity of social media and the internet alike. In fact, the internet has opened up many doors for all MLM business from Avon to Mary Kay.

 And the fact remains, that you could make a great living selling Avon products because many of these cosmetics are still staples in women’s lives. Did you know that the top selling Avon products are Skin So Soft (one of the best lines of moisturizers and lotions- that many people swear also is a mosquito repellant) and ANEW (the anti-aging line most purchased by women over 40)?

Where do women go when they run out of these products? Or where do they go when their best friend no longer sells it? The Internet.

Can You Make Money Selling Avon?Credit: Avon Archives

Can You Sell Avon Online?

That is one of the most frequently asked questions for women who are interested in getting into the Avon business. And the answer may not surprise. In fact the answer really is: you better! With the advent of the internet, you really don’t have a choice but to sell your Avon products online.  In fact, most new to the Avon business have no idea that you are given your own website. So it’s critical that you know how to market yourself not just offline, but online too.

So take advantage of the Avon website that you’ll be given. Familiarize yourself with the products, or become an Avon evangelist for products you love. People love passion. And here are many tips in selling Avon online which can help you increase your bottom line and gain more customers.

Luckily there are catalogs online for Avon and that is what most women are looking for, especially when they don’t have a dedicated rep.

And you want to capitalize off of that need. Here are a few ways you can make money online with Avon.

  • Product Reviews: You can use a free blog service, your Avon website and even YouTube to talk about the Avon products that you adore. Remember that your best and most frequent customer is looking to solve a problem, be it with acne, anti-aging issues or finding the right eye shadow. So talk to your potential customers in these online mediums. Remember not to be salesy or pushy. Just provide the information. Maybe your potential customer won’t buy right away, but they will buy once you’ve established that trusted relationship.
  • Before and After Pictures: Most women who go online to shop for beauty products including lipstick, eye shadow and anti-aging creams love before and after pictures or videos. You could do a video of all of your favorite Avon products and doing a makeover for yourself or a friend.

How Does Avon Pay You?

Avon doesn’t actually send you a check. Basically you bill your customer’s the retail price of the products in the brochure. Avon then bills you for the discounted price of the merchandise and of course you keep the difference of the retail price your customer paid and what you were billed by Avon.

As you can see, with the internet and social media, Avon isn’t what it used to be. You no longer even have to go door to door asking people to try a lipstick. The internet in fact opens up your whole world and allows you to sell to customers across the country or even the world.

So when asking: Can you make money selling Avon? The answer is a resounding yes.