Money to be Made
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At Least One Wizzley Writer is Making Money

One of the top writers on Wizzley recently reported she earned her first $1,000 on the site, primarily through Amazon and Zazzle affiliate sales.

She uses Chitika to share in the advertising revenue, and this, she notes, has accounted for just a fraction of her current earnings. If she had used Adsense, though, I'm fairly certain her efforts would have been more lucrative.

I should also add that this particular writer is good at promoting her 650-plus "wizzles," as some people refer to the individual pages published at Wizzley. She appears to be very active on Twitter, where I imagine she has a huge following.

So, yes, it is possible to make money on Wizzley, provided you work hard and promote your pages. You also have to be patient. As with any revenue-share site, it takes time for articles to mature. Also, Wizzley is a fairly new site, so it doesn't yet have the authority of a more established platform. However, the site is experiencing strong growth, which will likely increase now that Squidoo is no longer a player.

How Many Wizzley Articles Do You Need?

There's a common perception among online writers that you need a large number of articles to earn money on Wizzley. I'd say that's probably true.

I started writing there a little over a year ago. Although I was getting traffic and ad clicks, nothing happened in terms of affiliate sales until I published article number 125. Then I started getting a few random sales.

Now, I have nearly 225 published articles and I'm starting to see somewhat more steady sales. I think I'll need about 200 more pages to start earning enough money to pay a bill or two every month.

Fortunately, though, because the Wizzley interface is so easy to use, creating articles doesn't take as much time as it does elsewhere. For instance, there's a built-in photo module, so you don't have to go hunting for copyright-free images. Instead, all you do is click on a Flickr capsule and search for pictures without leaving your article draft.

Each Wizzley page can be designed with a color and background pattern of your choice. You can also find high-quality images on All Poster, and if you have an affiliate account there, you can also earn money if someone buys one of these prints.

Writers have the option of using their own affiliate accounts, or using Viglink for affiliate sales. If you want to sell anything on eBay, you'll need a Viglink account.

Happily Writing for Wizzley
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How are Writers Paid?

Unlike some of the other revenue-share sites, such as Infobarrel, Hub Pages and Writedge, which have an in-house payment program, this isn't the case at Wizzley. You are paid directly from the various affiliates, such as Adsense, Chitika, Amazon, Zazzle, All Posters and Viglink.

New writers share 50 percent of the impressions, which means that your ads show only half the time. Money earned on the remainder of the views goes to the site.

When you publish 50 articles, your share of ad impressions rises to 55 percent. Then, when you create 100 pages, there's a 60/40 split.

Most of my earnings are through product sales, as Wizzley pages are optimized for affiliate links. However, most of my earnings on Infobarrel, this site, are from advertising revenue.

Article for article, though, I'm earning about the same at both platforms.

Traffic is Good at Wizzley

Traffic at Wizzley is Good
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How is Wizzley Traffic?

For a relatively new site that's only been around for a few years, the traffic oh Wizzley has been good, and sometimes it shoots up even when I've been away from the site for a time. To the best of my knowledge, the site has never experienced a search engine slap.

Many of my articles there are product related, and I did notice a drop-off in search engine traffic after Christmas of last year. However, the number of readers from Google and Bing seems to be to climbing again.

Judging by my stats, there seems to be a large number of readers who land on my articles just because they're browsing the site. These readers may click on a link, but it appears as if they're less likely to buy anything compared to those searching for specific information.

Pinterest is the second-largest source of traffic. Marketing studies have shown that Pinterest users, many of whom are female between the ages of 35 and 44, are likely to buy something when they visit a web page.

Why Write for Wizzley?

The main reason I signed up for Wizzley in the first place is because I was looking to diversify my online content. I joined shortly after realizing that Squidoo was having major problems retaining search engine traffic.

After seeing the trouble at Squidoo, I've tried to spread my work across several platforms, as well as my own blogs.