Can You Make Your Neck Longer?


There are a few lucky ones who seem to have it all (pretty face, sufficient breast, long legs, j-lo's behind and intelligence). They do exit but you don't encounter them at every corner of the street. For the rest of us, it's learning to live with what you've got.





There are some who appear to have no neck. It's like the head just fits onto the shoulders. Those in this category might really wish to have a longer neckline. What can be done?


Visiting Thailand and the Karen Tribe

If you've ever visited Thailand and the Karen tribes, you would probably have asked yourself the question. How do you make your neck longer? The women are famous all over the world for putting rings around their neckline since childhood. This gives the appearance of having a longer than the average neck. It give the "appearance", because you cannot in fact make your neckline longer.

 Starting young

So what happens when you start really young adding rings to your neck? The women in the Karen tribe start young at about the age of 5. They would add more rings with every passing few years. By the time they reach womanhood, the rings would weigh about 13 kilos. The rings do not make the neckline longer but they push down the thoracic cage and give the appearance of a longer neck.



 Wearing a turtle neckline

If you have always dreamt of wearing that turtle neck, now you know what to do. If you are already an adult, I am afraid it might be too late. However, never give up as medical science might one day find a way to make your neck longer.

 Creating the illusion of a longer neck

If you are obssessed with your short neck and you want to make your neck longer. There is very little you can do to make your neck longer. If you are plus size and have a short neck, you will want to lose weight as having a thinner neck will give the appearance of a longer neck. Another think to do if you want to make your neck longer is choosing your clothes carefully. If you wear low cut dress or shirt, that can also help to make your neck longer. Well, it will not make your neck longer but it will give that illusion and you will feel better about yourself.

If all that fails, you can start adding rings to your neck to see if that works. You need to be careful with your safety and having a longer neck is not the solution to everything and having a shorter or short neck is not the end of the world either.