The most basic answer to this legendary question is: yes, you can mix brown and black when it comes to casual dress shoes, belts, and dresses; however, using the most basic answer could potentially make you look horrible. The best way to go about mixing brown and black clothing accessories is to choose to only wear the accessories with the specific qualities that allow them to be mixed together.

This article is not telling you that these are the only combinations of brown and black casual dress shoes that you can mix; however, it is telling you that these specific products possess the qualities that you should be looking for. If you choose to purchase any products other than these, ensure that they possess the same qualities, and you will have no problem at all mixing brown and black casual dress shoes with belts and dresses.

In addition, all of these black and brown pairs of casual dress shoes are available, for ridiculously low prices, on Amazon; take a look, and I am sure that you will find something that you love!

Nine West Axon Black Dress Sandals With A BCBG Brown Sugar Halter Dress

The key to this combination of black casual dress shoes and a brown dress is a large gap between the bottom of the dress, and the top of the shoes. In addition, the material that the shoes are made from has a flat black finish as opposed to a glossy one; this draws the attention away from the shoes and to the legs. Amazon has a ton of Black dress shoes for women available for discounted prices; however, I would definitely choose this specific pair if I was going to wear a brown dress.

The dress itself is an amazing piece of clothing that deserves credit for looking so great. There are many BCBG dresses available on Amazon; however, most of them have much larger price tags than $130! This halter dress is affordable, looks amazing, and will allow you to mix brown and black together!

Black Bruno Magli Mellos With A Carhartt Brown Anvil Belt

I think the thing about this specific pair of shoes that allows them to be worn with a brown belt is their simple design! There are obviously quite a few reasons that a person should choose a pair of black casual dress shoes; the ability to wear them with any other color is one of the most enticing ones! Mixing brown and black together involves one of the pieces of clothing having the ability to be worn with nearly any other color, which is what the casual dress shoes have in this specific example.

In addition, the Anvil belt is made up of a very dark brown (that could even be mistaken for black in a dark area), and has very dark metal accessories that would actually compliment the pair of black dress shoes perfectly. The majority of the Carhartt belts available on Amazon have a price tag that is relatively expensive; however, this specific Anvil belt is available for a mere $25!

Brown Charles David Kata Dress Sandals With A Black Bebe Low Back Lace Dress

This combination is based on the idea of matching up a pair of brown casual dress sandals with a black dress. This is a risky manoeuvre and usually solely looks good when the lady is wearing some pieces of brown jewellery; however, the open concept on these dress sandals allows them to suit a black dress perfectly. Although they may have a slightly higher-than-average price tag on them, I can personally tell you that Charles David makes durable footwear that lasts for years!

On the contrary, the Bebe dress that I am recommending to be paired up with the sandals is relatively cheap in comparison to many of the Bebe dresses that are sold on Amazon. As was stated in another article, there are tons of casual dress shoes for under $100; however, it is very rare that you will find a nice looking dress by a reputable brand that is being sold for under $100!

Hugo Boss’ “Orange” Slip Ons With A Black Belt From Fox

These dress shoes may have a hefty price tag on them; however, one look at them, and you will almost be immediately sold. Most of the Hugo Boss  casual dress shoes on Amazon will have above average price tags attached to them; however, you can be sure that they will outlast any of your cheaper pairs of shoes by at least two-fold! These casual dress shoes have a sort of Western look to them, and are quite dark in color; moreover, this is why you can mix brown and black with them.

The belt is pretty plain in nature; however, it will only cost you about $25, which is an amazing deal for a belt that will last you at least a few years. There are some Fox belts on Amazon that sell for under $50; however, I would deem these as being the most worth-while in terms of purchasing them!