Science and God, Can You Prove That God Doesn't Exist?

It is amazing how much interest and curiosity the debate about God's existence has generated. There are many people or millions who believe in the existence of God. There are a few who believe that God doesn't exist. Former believers in God also have doubts about the existence of God. The main reason is because of religious hypocrisy. So many bad things have been committed in the name of God and some people feel that God is not doing anything. Therefore if God is not doing anything, that might be because God doesn't exist. Is the fact that so many atrocities have been committed in the name of God a way to prove that God doesn't exist?

What about science and facts?

Science and religion cannot be combined as one because of various reasons. There are many contradictions and confusion when science and religion are combined. Science comes from the word 'Scientia' which means knowledge. The scientific world is based on perceived facts; research into the unknown and hypothesis (guess work). On the other hand, Adam and Eve are based on biblical understanding; faith and to a certain degree archeological findings. Science to a certain degree is based on logical conclusions and not always on facts. Some of those who believe in science don't believe in the biblical account of creation (Adam and Eve) because they feel you need facts and not faith. Faith and science have been at each other's throats for a long time. Can science prove the existence of God? If Science cannot prove the existence of God, can science prove that God doesn't exist?

There are so many things that people believe in that cannot be proven. Science is not a fact as most people might think. Science has not yet been able to prove that God doesn't exist. Religion and the existence of God is not something that science can disprove because science and scientists are limited in their knowledge. There are so many questions about planet earth and the universe that scientists cannot answer and they can only guess (logical thinking). Those who are not scientists conclude that God exists because of the order and the way the universe works. Logical thinking can also lead us to believe that there is a form of higher intelligence that must be responsible for everything around us. The fact that faith is involved doesn't mean science has the answer either.

Can science prove that god doesn't exist? How do you prove that God doesn't exist when the idea of God is mostly based on faith and the spirit world. That will be very difficult to prove that God doesn't exist. When you think about the universe and the world as we know it, there are a lot of things science has been unable to answer. Supplying proof that God doesn't exist will be difficult because of the nature of God and believers. How do you prove the essence of God? What is God and how do you describe him? It can be difficult for those who believe in God to really explain why they believe in him. Proving that God exist is mostly based on religious faith and education. There are those who try to prove that God doesn't exist by disconnecting God and nature. Consequently, those who believe that God exists will link him with the natural world.

Another argument about the debate about God is the nature of the beginning of the World. Can you prove that God doesn't exist because you don't know when everything began?

Did God create everything or is chaos responsible for the order in the universe. If you analyze it from logical thinking point of view, you cannot get order from chaos without the aid of an intelligent being. The big bang is just a theory and does not prove that God doesn't exist. Nature is the work of an intelligent being and if you decide to call it God or anything else, that is not the issue. Science is also the result of intelligence and knowledge that have been accumulated over the years. At the moment science cannot explain how everything started and what we are left with is theory (guess work). The theory of the big bang is not even a fact because it cannot and has not been proven (big bang is not a fact). At the moment scientists don't know and people are still waiting for an answer.