In my recent endeavors to make money from home without having to go and get another job away from my kids, I have recently tried selling stock photograph and was pleasantly surprised at the results. You may wonder if you can really make money selling stock photography online and the answer is yes, without any money to start, and lots of it.

I am far from a professional. I have taken only a very basic digital photography class in my whole life. Come to think of it, there is absolutely nothing at all special about my photos and snapshots. I point and shoot if I like what I see or am interested in the object or person before me. I don't know a lot about art or color. I am simply a person who pays attention to detail and knows what I like. I figure if I like it or am interested in it there must be at least several other people on the face of the planet that would feel the same.

So, how have I been making money online with selling digital stock photography? I go take pictures, get out from behind the computer and spend my time "working" by hiking, biking and walking around my city in search of the perfect shot. Then I go home, touch up the photos, crop them, take out the red eye and post to about 10 different online stock photo sites. I go for both volume and quality.

Every week my portfolio has grown. Every week, my commissions get higher. Every week I dream about finally booking that world cruise I have always wanted to take, and really building a gigantic portfolio to make even more passive income in the process. Every week I get closer to that dream. Why do I dream so big? I am making money, good money, and it is possible.

It is not difficult to create a gigantic portfolio for free. I have focused on offering both black and white and color shots and have mixed one other strategy with this one. I have taken some time to look around on the sites I submit to and see what they do not already offer, and then make sure that I offer what is not there. If you are the only pic on the page it is pretty easy to imagine who will get the download and the commission right? By using these two strategies together, I have learned one thing. It is possible to make a full time living online selling stock photography. You really can make money this way and lots of it with the right work ethic.