Can you really save 15% with Geico Car Insurance?

So I am sure you have all seen the commercials. Either we have John Krazinski (better known as Jim from The Office) telling us how we can save money on car insurance or we have some talking reptile with a British accent telling us how the other insurance company is crap. Sometimes the people in charge even have some sort of magic insurance agent appearing from nowhere when you spout the magic words “like a good neighbor,” yadda yadda yadda. Do any of them prove their points, however? Specifically does the little British reptile?

Geico claims that you save up to fifteen percent on car insurance when switching to their brand. Is it true? Buying car insurance is a very big deal and can get quite complicated when you are looking for the best company to entrust your vehicle to. Unfortunately it is all circumspect. Sometimes one car insurance company is better than the other but there are a myriad of things to find in small print and hidden fees. In the end, Geico can save you your fifteen percent but only when compared to some companies, not necessarily all of them.

A plus side to Geico is that this particular insurance company tends to make things more simple for their clients. If a customer who is not well educated in handling such things such as car insurance, this may draw them immediately into Geico’s waiting arms. Just because things appear simple does not always mean you are getting the best possible deal, however. Accident forgiveness policies for example tend to be the best with Allstate insurance. So if you are prone to getting into the occasional fender bender, Geico may not necessarily be for you. On top of that there are some policies that Allstate offers that allow premiums to remain the same, even if you do get in an accident.

Allstate also rewards safe drivers who manage to avoid accidents for every six months they go without the occasional fender bender. The reward mentioned is usually a five percent discount on their premiums offered. That is not to say that Allstate is the best choice over Geico, however. Geico tries its best to always offer low rates to their clients and always looks for ways to better themselves for the future. Geico wants to be recognized as an evolving business that is ready to change with the times for the better of its customers. There always seems to be new and different ways that it can save money for its customers and give them discounts on their premiums.

It seems that most research points out that both Geico and Allstate are both in the average range of price with Geico actually being a little more expensive when compared with the exact same data. Allstate tends to do their best in teaching their clients about what the best insurance for each individual tends to be. This helping hand would be much appreciate to those illiterate in the world of auto insurance and can help one feel at ease. Their website has loads of reading material for those who are interested in learning more about the insurance they can provide their customers. There website also aids ins searching for savings in their field and can be a great guide to finding what is best for you.

Geico’s website however is easy to navigate and can make getting your car insurance online quite simple. A real good point for them if the average joe does not feel like wading through the tons of information that is out there trying its best to dumb down the answers to various questions out there about different insurance policies.

Allstate does offer a much more varied types of insurance products that can be quite welcoming to those looking for more than just the norm. They also offer investment products as well. On top of auto insurance, Allstate also has options of property, homeowners, and commercial vehicle insurance as well as small business insurance. Geico does not quite have that much of a varied offering as they focus mainly on insurance coverage for their clients with tons of options for various types of insurance that include ATV, motorcycle, watercraft, mobile home, and RV insurance to name a few. They also have coverage for flood damage which could be a great asset to those living in areas prone to flooding (like the East coast for example).

If you really want to know which car insurance company is better suited to your needs one of the best things that you can do is get some quotes from a number of different insurance companies. All of the various companies out there has its own way of trying to lure new costumers in by offering ways it can save you money by joining up with them instead of the competition. It would not do to just nab the first car insurance company that tickles your fancy and looks the best or has the funniest commercials. It is always best to compare and see how the various car insurance companies stack up to one another. Maybe one is offering something that the other is not that you desperately need. You will not know unless you do the research.

It may sound hard or like a lot of work but thanks to all the advances in the digital age, comparing the various car insurance rates is much easier than it ever has been before. A lot of the main insurance companies can offer free quotes that will better help you decide on who you want to go with. Remember to compare as many of them together as you can however, so you do not overlook who would be best for your needs.

If you venture into Geico’s main website, they have a lot of information handy for you to tell you how they stack up compared to whomever you are using (or planning to use) right at your finger tips. There are many discounts offered through their website but many other car insurance companies offer similar promotions. Some of the things that Geico specifically help with saving you money on is vehicle equipment, your personal driving history, your personal driving education, your various affiliations, and customer loyalty to name a few.

If you do not want to simply rely on the internet, most of the car insurance companies will have a toll free number for you to call which will let you speak with an actual human being (most of the time). Just be prepared that you may be put on hold and have to wait a few moments before actually getting through. Make sure you know what you are going to ask the person on the other line so that you will be ready to be answered quickly and easily.

Also remember that not all discounts that are labeled on the various websites may not be offered to you due to which state you live in. Always be sure to read the fine print and do not be afraid to call up one of the toll free numbers for assistance. Without research, there will be no way of knowing whether Geico is right for you, but under the right circumstances they can indeed save you the fifteen percent that you are looking for.