You've just seen a picture of the wedding cake of your dreams, created by Sylvia Weinstock in New York City. The problem is, you live in Dallas or somewhere equally problematic cake-wise from New York.

Is it possible to have a cake shipped to you? You bet it is. Federal Express and Delta Dash, a pick up and delivery service provided by Delta Air Lines (800-638-7333) can handle it for you.

Expect to pay as much as $300 to ship a three-tier, 60 pound cake. The final price will depend of course, on the weight of the cake and its destination.

Just because it can be done, however, doesn't mean that shipping a cake is a risk-free process. Accidents happen, and a cake could arrive damage (hence the suggestion for a local bakery to accept delivery in case of a misadventure).

Typically a baker will package the cake, one tier per box, with dry ice (and sometimes with instructions on how to reassemble it.)

If you think that reassembly may be tricky for you, it may be worth the additional cost to have the cake shipped directly to your local bakery and ask them for flat rate pricing to reassemble (touch-up if needed) and deliver the cake to your venue.

Even veteran baker Sylvia Weinstock, who has shipped cakes all over the world, says that whenever one of her creations is airborne, "We pray a lot".

Needless to same, the love you feel for this cake will be second only to your groom. Considering the cost of the cake itself, shipping it to a local bakery for a final touch-up and delivery to your venue, you could easily be looking in the $1,000-$1,500 range if not more. Weinstocks cakes have been know to start in the $1,000 range and go up from there, depending on design and number or tiers.

One alternative is to take the photo to a local bakery or at the very least a highly skilled artisan within your own state. It may be possible for the local artisan to recreate the look and style for a fraction of the cost.

If you have your heart set on the cake of your dreams, ask the out-of-state bakery for references of brides that have shipped their cakes to far-flung destinations.

If you are going to be spending a large portion of your budget to accommodate the needs of your dream cake, then the experiences of brides that have been in your shoes will be extremely helpful in calming your jitters.

Is it worth it? If it's in your budget and you have nerves of steel: yes!