Entertainment Book


· Instant Grocery Savings: Most entertainment books now have grocery coupons on the front few pages where you save $5 off a purchase of $50 or $75+. There are four of these coupons, which will allow you to recoup $20 from your purchase without much effort ($5 saved per calendar quarter).

· Save on Travel and When Guests Come to Town: I don't think they call it the "Entertainment" book for nothing: if you have out of town guests coming in, or you are traveling to a location within the U.S., this is a great book to purchase. When my parents visited us, we were able to use a buy one get one free coupon to an IMAX theater, a buy one get one free coupon to a butterfly center, and several food coupons. This reaped us a total savings of $90! You do the math. If you are traveling to Disneyworld, purchase a Florida book for the year-you will reap many savings.

· Get to Know Your Neighborhood: One of the best pros of the entertainment book is you get to learn about different things to do and see in your neck of the woods. If you have just moved to an area, I highly suggest you purchase one. Spend a few hours sifting through its pages and figuring out things that interest you, or places you may want to eat at.

· Free Product Coupons: There are typically several coupons in the back of the book for free products to local drugstores, or free digital photo printouts. These are no-brainers.

· Sharing: Let your friends and family go through your book and pick out coupons that you won't use but they can. Everyone wins this way. You could even purchase a book with someone else and just pay half the cost.

· Great for Dates: If you aren't squeamish about using coupons when taking your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband out, then these restaurant buy one get one free coupons are perfect for you!


· Single and the Buy One Get One Free Syndrome: Single people may find it more difficult than couples or families to save thousands of dollars. This is due in part to the large number of coupons that are Buy One Get One Free in nature. In order to take advantage of these coupons, purchase two of the same food product and eat the other for lunch/dinner, or a snack later. Or, you can save these coupons for trips out with friends.

· An Excuse to Spend: It is easy to think "I have a coupon to so-and-so and I should use it". If you were not going to eat there, buy something from there, or use their services anyway, then using a coupon will not save you any money.

Full Review

The Entertainment book is a coupon clipper's dream! Hundreds of pages of coupons that equal thousands of dollars worth of savings, and a great fundraising opportunity for many organizations: truly a win-win situation. Unfortunately, the entertainment book comes with a hefty price tag of $35. Will you be able to use enough of the coupons in order to recoup your money spent and save the hundreds or thousands of dollars it promises before the coupons expire? Here are some of my thoughts from my own experience with 4 years of using the book.

In Closing

If you decide to purchase the Entertainment book, I highly recommend that you keep your copy in your car. I cannot tell you how many times my husband and I were out putzing around and came upon something great that we try out, only to find later that there was a coupon for it in our Entertainment Book. Drats! Here's another great tip: purchase your entertainment book halfway through the year it is for in order to save 50% or more!