My wife and I have been using the 2011 Baby Jogger City Mini stroller almost exclusively for the past month and we love it to no end but last weekend we took our nine month old son out for the first time in it on one of our local hiking trails. The trail was basically as easy of a hiking trail as they come – most of it was paved after all. Near the end of the trail however the road went away and we had some gravel, dirt packed trails, and a little off-roading.

What The City Mini Is And Isn’t Good For

The City Mini is designed for ease of use, its small size, simple fold, and for use on pavement. As you would expect the stroller performed perfectly fine while we were on the paved path but as we got to the end of the path and started making our way down to a small stream, dam, and walking bridge the road roughened, the pavement went away and we found ourselves plucking our son from the stroller and carrying him and the stroller over some of the rough patches. In short, the stroller simply could handle the rough terrain like we hoped it would.

BOB Strollers - A Better Stroller For Hiking

We’ve done this trail hike before with a BOB Revolution SE stroller and it handled the terrain flawlessly. It is after all designed for off road versatility. The large wheels and top quality suspension system was perfect but the Baby Jogger City Mini was just not cut out for the job. For one the wheels were too small and the double font wheel which sits a few inches away from each other cause for some clumsy rolling across bumps and rocks.

Even more importantly it’s worth noting that the lack of quality suspension made the ride rough for our son who wasn’t able to sleep as well on the walk as he did in the BOB jogging stroller.

It’s funny; you don’t notice the flaws in strollers until you experience them first hand. Over the past month we knew the stroller had small pavement friendly wheels and we knew the stroller had no suspension but because we only used this stroller for errands we didn’t seem to care.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Is Still Great  For Walking

In the future we will not be using this stroller for our trail hikes. It’s not good for off roading, the front wheel lock is too loose for bumps or pavement in my opinion and the lack of suspension is just a deal breaker. The BOB will continue to be our go to jogging stroller for hiking and other off road adventures but we don’t intend on getting rid of our City Mini just yet. We still love it for what it’s designed for and I would still recommend it to anyone who needs a good stroller for a reasonable price that is perfect for running errands or walking around town.