Did a pregnancy leave you with your arms, breasts, belly or thighs marked forever? Did you spend a fortune on lotions and treatments that provided no results? Most women in search of information on how to go over stretch marks end up asking questions such as: can you tattoo over stretch-marks? Although their desperation is easy to understand, and people unsightly lines on their particular thighs are definitely not appealing, they must never lose sight of what is a lot more important  their health and safety. 

Your main frustration is natural, and the very simple answer to the questions is actually yes it's possible to get tattoos to conceal stretch-marks, however that does not mean anybody can do these and that they are 100% protected. Stretch marks are damaged skin, and care should be taken in planning any sort of tattoo on injured skin.  If you are fed up with looking for alternatives and sick of making use of useless creams, you should spend some time in creating this decision and you should remember these particular procedures, so as to make sure you do what's right for you as well as your body:

  1. Your stretch-marks should be a minumum of one yr old. Their colour changes all through the novice, and whenever you don't pick the tattoo properly, you may be still having both stretch-marks and a tattoo you don't like in the first place. Besides, during the 1st year, the skin is far more delicate and the pain might be too strong for you to endure.
  2. Pick your tattoo artist thoroughly and ensure he/she has tattooed in excess of scars or stretch marks before. When possible, request for recommendations or search for information online. The skin within the stretch-marks area is much more delicate and difficult to work on, therefore the result may look nothing like the model you chose unless of course your tattoo artist is aware of what she or he is doing. It's also essential that all the hygiene requirements be followed towards the last fine detail  an infection is definitely the last thing you need, and, from hepatitis to HIV, anything can be contracted within a tattoos shop.
  3.  When you simply ask "is it possible to tattoo on stretch-marks"?, any tattoo artist will give you a positive answer, but the results might not be so great, therefore it is better to start with a small and simple design, and find out how your skin takes it. It is not only about assessing the tattooist's talent, it is also about observing just how your stretch marks take the ink, when it bleeds a lot, or is not going to hold in any way. 

Can you tattoo over stretch marks? Before starting, look online, or simply request your tattooist what type of designs could you tattoo over stretchmarks? You have to be able to get numerous options, even more suitable for your problem as opposed to others. Depending upon the depth of your stretchmarks as well as on your preferences, you may choose a small or very large tattoo. At this time, the burning question is not any longer how to conceal stretchmarks, or could you tattoo over stretch marks?, but what tattoo would look ideal on me?