Can you tell how many times someone has viewed your twitter page? This can be just one of the many questions that can enter your mind when it dealing with your Twitter profile. If some of the social networking sites like Friendster and Multiply made it possible, would it also be applicable for Twitter?

Can you tell how many times someone has viewed your twitter page? This question has been asked by many constant Twitter users. This means that many are really curious is determine Twitter profile views can be really possible, especially those only dealing with the number of times viewed or what can be generally termed as profile views.

On The Background Of Twitter

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Twitter is one of the leading social networking sites these days. Almost as popular with Facebook, throughout the world, it facilitates easy communication between the users through the means of “tweets” or the main tool of communication in Twitter. This can be comparable to Facebook’s comment feature. Twitter puts the convenience of posting and chatting in one that is why you may have noticed, there is no need for a chat box in Twitter anymore.

The only downside of the use of tweets is that your posts can be readily viewed by your followers. Regarding this problem, Twitter has already made a way to facilitate one on one chatting privately through direct messaging. In direct messaging, only the person whom you want to receive the message will only be the one who will be able to open it.

The Profile Views


As you may have recalled or even experienced from previously very popular social networking sites like Friendster and Multiply, determining profile views can be actually possible. Aside from being able to determine the actual number of views, you can also be able to determine who exactly the persons who viewed your profile are. This can be a very clear nuisance from the true value of privacy not only for the owners of the profiles but mainly for the viewers. The users can then be able to achieve a clear monitoring of who’s checking the profile at a certain day with some even specifying the time that person visited your profile.

You may now observe that this kind of feature is not much used in very popular social networking sites nowadays. For example, Facebook does not have such kind of feature despite its widespread use. Facebook still provides the users with enough satisfaction and enjoyment while using the website without such feature.  This shows that the programmers and Internet experts see that there is no such need for such kind of feature to be added to social networking sites. It is an optional feature that cannot affect the quality of the social networking experience at all.

The Need For The Profile Views Feature

Programmers believe that many other features are even more important to spend time, effort and money on than such kind of feature which does not bring any dramatic change at all to the Twitter experience. Yes you will be able to know how many viewed your profile but then again what’s next after that? How are you going to use the information that you have acquired in a truly meaningful way? Profile view numbers is not a must for you to get a complete Twitter experience.

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Usually what is more important is the feature that tells who exactly viewed your profile. In this, you will be able to determine who the visitors of your profile are and you will be able to screen if this visitors are someone you know or not. This feature can also help you decide if you are going to make your Twitter profile public or not. Public profiles can be viewed by almost anybody while private profiles can be only viewed by your friends of those who only follow you.

The feature of determining the number of profile views may not be necessary as well because in Twitter, your friends are pertained to as followers. You will be able to know more or less how many only who are able to view your profile through your followers. This can be very accessible because every time you open your account and go to your profile page, your followers can always be viewed at the right upper hand corner of your webpage.

Some Points To Ponder On Twitter

Now, it may already be clear to you why Twitter does not include the profile views as one of their features although several social networking sites allow and incorporate such feature before. Aside from the fact that it is of no use or help at all, it is also something that can waste time, effort, money and even space of the program. It is always best to remove features that only take up space and does not give any benefit at all. Added features will only be necessary and worth the effort only if they cause a very significant impact to the entirety of the site particularly giving much customer convenience and satisfaction.

Twitter users can definitely still be able to maximize their Twitter experience without having the need to know the number of those who viewed their profiles. This can already be made possible through the followers though it does not tell exactly which among those followers viewed your profile for a day. Through the followers, you get more or less a rough estimate of who will be viewing or visiting your profile.


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Can you tell how many times someone has viewed your Twitter page? This question has finally been given an answer. There is no existing feature offered by Twitter that will allow you to determine the number of profile page views because for the creators, they believe that it is not necessary and the fact that you already know who is following you will just be enough. We have seen how such profile views feature did not add any impact or change to the social networking experience when it was used in Facebook. The question, “Can you tell how many times someone has viewed your Twitter page?” teaches you the basic need for prioritizing.