next xbox

Any gamer will tell you how exciting it was when Microsoft first announced the Xbox 360 to replace the original Xbox gaming console. The first Xbox was good alright, but the new 360 featured a reloaded Xbox Live service which gave a whole new meaning to online multiplayer game modes. Downloading or upgrading games, high definition TV shows and movies was just the beginning of the fun. Anticipation was high and everyone expected the next Xbox to be better, which it did. Microsoft actually did put a lot work into getting the right look for the Xbox 360, with an organic feel, soft curves and a seamless face, and who can forget the chrome media tray and the power button with the cool green ring of light? In fact that light has always been a great highlight that never fails to remind you of the powerful game machine hidden inside that white case. It is almost hard to envision what the next Xbox will be like in make or color, but judging from its predecessor, we can expect nothing less than a more sleek and wild design, which is definitely something worth looking forward to.

One can't help but wonder how the next Xbox could be made even more user friendly than the previous one. The Xbox 360 controllers are wireless and contain an interface for both audio and voice. The next Xbox will most definitely have motion based controllers. This will be capable of insane body movement, face and voice recognition that will totally change the way we interact with the console and will bring games and entertainment to life in new and extraordinary ways. Kinetic is already available for the Xbox 360, but for the next Xbox, plans for an even cooler and seamless motion control will not only be a standard feature but, a basis for the next generation of human/machine interaction. Whether it will have the same gaming platform or a new one remains to be seen. As for the hardware, the next Xbox, which is expected to hit the market between 2011 and 2013, is definitely getting a new CPU possibly from AMD or Intel, and we could just see the first gaming device to have an APU chip integrated. A high definition camera both for motion control perception as well as video conferencing will also feature, as well as increase storage capacity and advanced home multimedia management.