When most people think about entering the world of being able to work from home, they imagine walking away from the current career that they have and starting over again. While this is a route that many people have taken to get to earning a reasonable income from the comfort of their own house, you do not have to do this. For many people and you might be one of them, it is often to stay in the position that you are currently in and start not coming into the office every day.

Is It Possible?

The first thing that you need to do is to really sit down and think about what you do when you are in the office. For most people, you spend time on your computer doing reports or working with programs. Occasionally, you might get a phone call or an email that must be answered. Now think about all of the tasks that you do. Is there a way that you could work from home and do all of these tasks?

There is a very possibility that the answer to this question is yes. With technology advancing every day, you can do many things from the comfort of your own living room that at one time you might have had to be in the office for.

Are Others Doing It?

Many companies do not advertise the fact that they have employees working from home. It is hard to believe that they would not use this as a selling point to get some of the top end prospects for positions. The truth is that they do not. You might have to do some intense listening and reading between the lines to realize that there are colleagues of yours that you never met because they are sitting in their own living rooms.

Offer A Probationary Period

Now that you know that it is possible to work from home with the tasks that you are doing with your current company, it is time to approach them with the idea of letting you go home. Many times a boss will go on the defensive when you try to talk about this subject. It is best to give them the option of letting you test out being able to work from home. Tell them that if they are not happy with your productivity that you can always come back into the office. This will give the boss less arguments to say no to you and you will be given the chance to show the company what you can really do.

There are many great reasons to try to work from home with the company that you are currently with. You will be able to keep any seniority that you might have built up. You know that you are working a reputable company that will pay you. There is no need to worry about a work from home scam. There are benefits like health insurance and a 401k program that you are already taking part of and you will be able to keep this once you have made the transition.