Can Your Diet Change Your Eye Color

The other day I was checking my email and ran across an email from Kristina Carrillo of Rawfully Organic. The email subject line read "How I Changed My Eye Color Eating Fully Raw". Needless to say after reading the subject line my curiosity peaked.

Before I continue with how her eyes changed colors I would like to give you a little background on Kristina and Rawfully Organic.

Some Background On Kristina And Rawfully Organic

I was introduced to Kristina and Rawfully Organic, which is based in Houston, Texas, by my parents. My dad, who was having health issues, was encouraged by his doctor to change his diet to basically all raw vegatable and fruits. With that the doctor referred them to Kristina's Rawfully Organic Co-op to purchase organic fruits and vegatables.

While I was living in Houston I began to buy organic fruits and vegatables from Kristina's co-op on a weekly basis. I also started following her on her blog where she featured different recipes on how to prepare different meals with the organic fruits and vegatables that I bought. 

After suffering from hyperglycemia, a precursor to diabetes, Kristina decided to become a 100% low fat raw vegan. Through her diet change she was able to overcome her hyperglycemia and other health issues. Because of the health benefits she has enjoyed from her raw vegan diet, she has made it her mission to let everyone know about how they can improve their health from a raw vegan lifestyle.

How Her Eyes Changed Colors Due To Eating Fully Raw

After opening up the email I clicked on the video and listened to her story. She starts off with the fact that her eyes have always been dark cafe brown and she shows several pictures proving this fact. She continues that after she started eating fully raw 9 years ago her eyes started to change colors.  Ultimately her eyes went from being dark cafe brown to a light hazel. 

So how did this happen?

Kristina, who visited an iridologist to figure out what was going on with her eyes, contends  that the color of your eyes is directly correlated to your health. 

Of course, I am somewhat skeptical, but how can anyone dispute the fact that her eyes have changed colors. If you look at the video of Kristina explaining her story below, then you will see that her eyes are multi-colored actually. So I do not believe that she is wearing ant contacts.

Kristina's Story Of How The Color Of Her Eyes Changed

What Is The Study Of Iridology?

Credit: Inner Scientist

According to Wikipedia, iridology is an alternative medical practice that claims that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine the health of a person. Iridologists use iris charts, like the one in the image above, diagnose a patients state of health. Due to many studies and lack of hard scientific proof, the practice is largely rejected by the main stream medical community as a pseudoscience with no basis. 

An interesting article, written by a guy who practiced iridology, entitled "Confessions Of A Former Iridologist" contends that there are many imperfections in the science. He also suggests that their not enough scientific evidence to prove or disprove the idea that eye color or change of eye color is an indication of health. 


So What Can We Make Of Kristina's Eye Color Change?

While I am still skeptical on the fact that the color of her eyes means that she is healthy and free of toxins, I do know that their is no denial that the color of her eyes changed. The physical evidence is very clear. 

Could the change in the color of her eyes be the direct result of her raw vegan diet? Quite possibly. There are many raw vegans out there who claim that there eyes have changed colors due to their diet.

Lastly, I would like to mention that I do not think that Kristina is trying to manipulate people, I think that she is simply trying to highlight different changes in her body as a result of a drastic lifestyle change.

Let me know what you think. What have your experiences been with iridology or change in the color of your eyes?

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