Final Fantasy XIV will be released in the upcoming months as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, possible set to take on Blizzard's mmo juggernaut, World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft has held the title of being the best mmo on the market, and possibly ever. It has held this title consecutively for several years. Many other video games have made attempts to catch up and compete with the prosperity of this game, and many have failed and even discontinued their service. What makes World of Warcraft such a force to be reckoned with, though? It already has a large fan base, which means that Blizzard only needs to release periodical updates to keep the users interest whetted, as well as holding community events and pushing the envelope.

It certainly is no accident that WoW has been consecutively successful. Blizzard pays close attention to the desires of the fan base in order to make sure that no fan is left unheard, and to make sure that this game can be perfect in every aspect. The closest competitor I have seen to this game, so far, has been Aion. It has an amazing graphics engine and player versus player component that is sure to capture the attention of both Japanese and American players alike. However, World of Warcraft manages to have a certain impact on its players that causes them to want to come back for more, seriously. Although Aion may be better than WoW in some aspects, the players will generally disregard that and simply go running back to it.

However, Square Enix is releasing Final Fantasy XIV, a new introduction to the Mmo scene, and they expect it to give World of Warcraft a run for its money. But can Final Fantasy XIV beat World of Warcraft? According to them, no successful video game has managed to have the same impact with the sequel as it did with the original. So that is to say that although it is a popular game, it will not have the same impact twice and it may lose some momentum. Final Fantasy XIV offers a fresh experience, having an interesting style, commendable features in game play and the title of Final Fantasy. That is more important than you think, because Final Fantasy already has quite a lot of fans and respect as a franchise, so many fans will purchase and play this title simply because it is a Final Fantasy game.

Not enough is known about FFXIV to be able to give it a direct comparison to World of Warcraft. What is known is that they are expecting to compete with WoW, so they are most likely going to put their full effort into it. You can expect for this game to be more or less like the last mmo in the Final Fantasy franchise, but lets hope that there will be a stronger American audience in it this time around. It does have the potential to be able to put up a good fight, but I highly doubt that it will be able to kill World of Warcraft, let alone harm it in any way.

But we can hope, huh?