If you've ever had a debt collector call you on a Sunday, you may have asked yourself: “can a debt collector call you on Sunday?” Let's face it debt collectors can be both aggressive and abusive. But under the FCRA, Fair Credit Reporting Act, there are clear limits and boundaries that a debt collection agency call you at all times of the day and night cannot cross.

 The answer however addressing when and how a debt collector can call may both puzzle and frustrate you. The FCRA provisions addresses contact on Sunday in a very vague way. The debt collection law regarding weekend contact, including Sundays and holidays are as follows:

  1. Debt collectors CAN contact your place of residence via mail, fax, in person or email during REASONABLE hours between 8am and 9pm local time.

  2. Debt collection practices CAN NOT be at an UNUSUAL TIME OR PLACE or at a PLACE OR TIME which is understood to be inconvenient.

 And as I would suppose, the FCRA made the answer rather vague for a reason, but there are certain things which are NOT open to interpretation even on Sunday.

Debt Collection Rules

  1. Sunday early morning 8am or after 9pm would be unreasonable and also in violation of the federal law.

  2. Excessive calling AT ANY TIME could be considered debt collection harassment and you could reasonably be allowed to sue your debt collector.

  3. Calling on a Sunday holiday in which you practice or celebrate could be considered as an unreasonable time to call.

  4. Calling on a Sunday or any other time and disclosing private debt information to other people in your household.

 The bottom line is that Sunday debt collection calling is allowed but under reasonable circumstances. Under FCRA, it's important to note that you have the right to request in writing for a debt collection agency to cease any and all phone contact. So of course, after making this request in writing binds them to no Sunday calling. Further if a debt collection agency did call AT ANY TIME including Sunday, they would be in violation of debt collection federal laws and you would be entitled to sue the collection agency.

 Here are other things a debt collection agency can't do:

  1. Call your place of business, if your employer restricts such calls OR if you've asked them not to call you there.

  2. Calling and pressing you for information about someone who used to live in your residence or your current address.

So the answer to: “can a debt collector call on Sunday”, is yes, but under certain circumstances. Most debt collection agencies however observe Sunday as well as all federal holidays, but you could easily request that they not call you at any time, by putting your request in writing.