Can a complete doofus make money online?  Give me a few more months, and I'll let you know.

It's been almost one year since I started my "writing career".  Grabbing bits of time here and there between the constraints of a demanding day job, and a four year old, and a pregnant wife, I've been cranking out articles on a more-or-less consistent basis.  

I first starting writing for Bubblews, and was absolutely thrilled with how easy and lucrative it was.  Unfortunately, Bubblews turned out to be, uh .... shall we say "less than completely ethical", and soon, like many of the other writers on that site, my payments started to go "missing".

Bubblews was a bust for me, so I turned to another site, FullofKnowledge.  FoK, as it's called, had many things going for it, such as helpful editors, a supportive community of writers, and a decent, ethical owner.  However, it was a one man show, so to speak, so if anything ever happened to "Aaron", or if he decided to shut the site down, I'd be out of luck.  But my enjoyment writing for FoK, (and sister sites EP and  PAA), overrode any concerns I had about the site's long term stability.

Fast forward to a Saturday morning a few weeks ago.  By now I had built up quite a substantial amount of content on FoK, EP, and PAA, some of it pretty good, some of it .... well, less than good.  Perhaps overexcited by listening to a Dan Miller podcast from 48Days, or inspired by Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income, I decided the time had come to step up my internet presence, and create my own website.

Now bear in mind that since leaving Bubblews, (which DOES  pay very well, if you can get them to pay you!), my highest earning month had been last October, when I earned an even $10.00 .  Ten dollars is better than zero, of course, and I had yet to put any money into my writing career, so it was all profit.  But still, that kind of money certainly won't change my standard of living.  (Nor yours either, I hope!)  But it does give you an idea of about how much money I had to spend on a website if I hope to do better than break even.

I signed up with bluehost, using an affiliate link from btwoweb.  As you would expect, the actual monthly rate I'm paying is higher than the teaser rate advertised, which you can get if you want to ignore things like security and backup.  (Not a good move, IMHO!)  So once the dust cleared, I was on the hook for about $15.00 a month.

My "business model" was simple: set up a website of links back to my paying articles on FoK, EP, and PAA, hopefully bumping up the number of views my articles would get, thereby increasing my pay.  Fail proof, huh?

Unfortunately, some jerk unleashed a bot of some sort on Aaron's sites, which ran up the number of clicks on his AdSense ads.  AdSense responded in the manner which they are infamous for, and cancelled his account.

So now, until Aaron gets his websites straightened out, either by appeasing the lords of AdSense, or using an alternative, such as Chitika or Adversal, I have no income from my articles.  (Oh sure, I could try to get paid from Bubblews.  Good luck with that, huh!)  And my website is leased for a minimum of three years.

So what is an aspiring writer to do?  I suppose I could try to monetize my webpage and blogs, but until I clean them up a bit, (my knowledge of WordPress is below novice), I don't think they'll be getting lots of traffic.  Affiliate marketing?  I've tried that, but I've never made a cent as an affiliate.

Hmm ..... I know.  Maybe I could post my articles HERE, on InfoBarrel.  Maybe doing what Pat Flynn suggested to do will work out best of all!