Can an Average Guy Make Money Writing for InfoBarrel?

My name is Brian and I am just a typical average guy.  My goal is to earn passive income online by writing on the web for InfoBarrel. I am not new to writing online and I have worked for several different sites but I haven't been satisfied with the results.  I have made some income but not enough to get by on. Most of the sites I have worked for have offered a share of advertising revenue much like here on InfoBarrel. I do believe based upon what I have seen here that this site offers the best chance for web writers to make a decent passive income with their high-quality articles. I plan to use some basic SEO keywords and write between 3-5 articles each day for one year starting today November, 2nd 2011. I have plenty of free time so this shouldn't be difficult for me to do. I don't plan to buy any special courses or do anything besides use a few keywords and link some of the articles to a few blogs that I own. The whole idea is to see if average people with some writing experience and basic SEO knowledge can use the Internet to make enough money to live on if all they do is write a few simple articles each day.

What InfoBarrel Offers Writers

InfoBarrel offers a few things that can benefit web writers. The first thing is the site combines Adsense, Chitika, and the Amazon affiliate program into the users articles. Amazon is optional but you should sign up as an affiliate anyways since you can make some decent income from selling products. I plan to use Amazon but not do anything special with it in my articles. Another thing InfoBarrel offers writers is a great community of people who are willing to help you out with your writing and learning about InfoBarrel in general. If you want to write articles for money this site is perhaps the best site to start your online writing career. Since InfoBarrel is a relatively new site, the chances of you making a great income with your articles increases with each month as the site moves up in the serach engines and your articles get seen by more people.

How Much Can I Earn?

Another purpose of writing here on Infobarrel is to make enough to pay off some credit card debts and start saving money.  By writing each day and growing my article base I hope to have my debts paid off in 2-3 years at the most. With each new month I will update my progress and see where I am at.  There are several people on the site earning between $100-$1000 and more each and every month just writing articles here on the site.  I hope to reach this myself just by doing what I love which is to write online. As I set about to write articles for money I hope that I am successful down the road.

Where I am Right Now

I have already received one Adsense check but most of that is leftovers from an old website I used to run. Some of that income is from a blog but it is minimal at best. Starting tomorrow I will begin tracking how much I earn from Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon on this site. I think anyone can make income on this site if they are willing to write enough content and do some basic SEO keyword searching through AdWords or a similar program.