Garlic and your hearth!

Here is a question I received some days ago from a reader of my blog.

Can garlic help me with my heart condition?

These are his own words in describing his problems.

This reader has told me about his issues with breathing normally and constant fatigue and that his doctors have prescribed lots of medications to him with lots of undesirable side effects.

This post if for him and for you too who is health conscious and cares a lot about your future.

Here is a short answer to this question: yes, garlic will help your hearth.

And here are the main reasons:

The first reason why garlic is very important and will help your hearth tremendously is that garlic is rich of anti-oxidants.

If you don’t know what antioxidants are, here is a small definition:

When you breathe air, you are going to inhale a lot of oxygen.

Oxygen is natural looking for something to hold on, oxidize with.

When this oxygen will reach a cell, it will try to oxidize with its DNA or even its upper layer!

This will make the cell grow weaker and will even get it to die.

Now imagine this happening every single time you breath and let’s imagine that each time you breath, you are going to inhale billions of atoms of oxygen!!

Do you see where I’m going?

The very thing that we need the most can turn into our enemy!

That’s where antioxidants have all their power.

They are going to interfere that oxygen atom and oxidize with it instead of letting it oxidize with something in your cell.

Remember also that your heart has got a lot of specialized cells and some of these cells don’t replicate, in other words, if you lose one, it’s gone forever.

Garlic has got a great quantity of antioxidants and this will help your heart tremendously.

The second thing garlic is going to do for your hearth is in enabling it arteries to be much cleaner.

With our very rich diets, out small arteries will tend to clog very easily with all the cholesterol we eat and grease we consume!

This is why your hearth will get weaker and weaker and your arteries are going to get blocked every day a little bit.

Guess what would happen after years of this abuse to your hearth?

A hearth attack or something even worse!

This is why garlic can save your life.

Garlic is going to help clean your arteries from the clogged cholesterol in them and will make them clean.

However, this doesn’t depend on eating garlic alone, it also depends on having a healthy diet, but garlic is going to help a lot in solving this issue.

This is how garlic is important to your hearth and how it’s going to help it gain a new vitality and strength.

All you ever need to do is to implement it in your diet and to start adding more physical exercise and healthy foods and you will be alright.