Can massage cure muscular conditions or diseases?

Many people who suffer ill health find massage extremely helpful, but can it cure? Having suffered from Fibromyalgia for 15 years, I knew that the extremities of pain in muscles at times unbearable.  I took so many tablets I rattled when I moved.  My consultant had told me to exercise gently, but how could I when I couldn’t even walk. 

I decided to look into complementary therapies working alongside modern medicine.  I was already having intense physiotherapy, what harm could massage do?  Never in my deepest imagination could I have guessed just how powerful the effects would be.  I decided to have one massage every week.  The 1st month was agony and ended with me in tears. The pain in my legs was excruciating.  After the 5th massage I noticed the pain was getting better as the toxin and lactic acid was being pushed out and blood supply, oxygen and nutrients were now feeding the muscles. Over the following 7 months I couldn’t believe the change.  I hadn’t realised how I missed even human touch, how calming this could be.  I felt more relaxed, less stressed, sleep was increasing and I felt more positive and clear headed.  Under guidance I came off my meds and went completely with complementary therapy, retaining the mind to listen to the needs of the body.  Over the next year I carried on with massages and began increasing my physical exercise. 

I am now at college training to be a Holistic Therapist so I can help fellow suffers find some relief.  Did I ever believe 15 years ago I would be well enough to train as a therapist, no; I didn’t even expect to be here. 

Do I regret being ill? No, for I am a better, well grounded person, who believes everything happens for a reason and out of every negative a positive will appear.  I really do believe that complementary therapy has it place in medical fields especially with so many new conditions.  I believe that it should be available on prescription and accessible for anyone to have and benefit from.  Massage and reflexology etc are not luxury treatments, they are necessary to treat and restore homeostasis – nature’s perfect balance of body. 

Just how many diseases and disorders do you think could be prevented by having regular therapies to deal with stress and every day issues?