Do your still remember the Killzone 2 pre-rendered video that was showed at E3 2005? My jaw dropped the very first time I saw that video. To say it blew everything out of the water would be an understatement judging from the reaction it got from the media and everyone else who saw it. Now, that was barely 6 years ago and it looks like we are already heading for another generation of the console war.

killzone 2 e3 pre-rendered videoCredit: sonykillzone 2 e3 pre-rendered video-2Credit: Sony



Whether we like it or not the next generation of console gaming is nearly upon us and judging by the latest rumors going round the web these days it looks like we are not that far off. At E3 this year the Nintendo Wii U was revealed to a crowd that was less impressed by the demo that was showed. Rumor has it that the next generation console coming out of Nintendo (Wii U) will be 50 times more powerful than the current PS3 and that it will launch sometime next year 2012. With this you would think that the next gen will begin in 2012, but I would say to wait till we see what Sony and Microsoft has to offer. Looking at what is available on the PC today (in terms of graphics and innovation) we could argue that we are already seeing some tips of what the next-gen would look like at its very beginning.

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It’s quite interesting how the consoles of this generation have aged over the years. The quality of games we have seen this generation have showed what the consoles are capable of in terms of graphics, game-play and innovation, but it's beginning to look like we've come to that brick wall again where nothing exceptionally new can be done to improve the quality of games we play on the consoles and this begs for one very last thing--the next generation of consoles to come out sooner than later.

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If you take a look at games like Gears of War 3 on the Xbox 360 and again look at games like Uncharted 2 and 3 on PS3 (just to mention a few) you will agree with me that these games are the best things to ever happen to this generation of console gaming. The exclusives games on both consoles have pushed their respective consoles to the limit and have given us the best quality of graphics and game-play innovation this generation can offer. Now, this brings us to the question: What can the next generation of consoles offer? What can they do better than this? What can they bring to the screen that will blow us away like the Killzone 2 video did back at E3 2005? As for me the next generation of consoles can only blow me away if they are able to deliver games with graphics and character animation that are on par with the Hollywood block buster movie Avatar by James Cameron. What about you?

avatar movie-next gen game graphicsCredit: avatar movie