The answer, unfortunately, is yes, it can, if you consume a dangerous amount of the stimulant. Used sparingly caffeine is usually a safe stimulant and makes for great-tasting coffee; used in excess it can create a range of dizzying side effects, including death. For many people 300 mg of caffeine a day is an acceptable level but for others it is not. Note that caffeine levels vary in coffee, tea and drinks. A Starbucks coffee for instance would range from 10 mg to 415 mg. For someone sensitive to caffeine, it is unwise to consume reckless amounts of the stimulant without first consulting an expert on the matter.

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Caffeine overdose symptoms

Symptoms vary from person to person, but most extreme users of caffeine report an accelerated heartbeat, confusion and anxiety. Some have difficulty sleeping and have night terrors; others have headaches and feel jittery, feverish, dizzy, thirsty, irritable, and suffer from shortness of breath. The stimulant is so powerful that 10,000 mg can end the life of a human being weighing about 150 pounds. If you are sensitive to caffeine, consuming even 200 mg a day is too much and not advisable for you. Have your levels tested and speak to an expert on the matter whether the stimulant is safe for you.


Educate yourself on the benefits and perils of caffeine

If you persist with a high intake of caffeine and experience an erratic heartbeat or palpitations, do not hesitate to contact Poison Control or your local emergency services if you feel that something is wrong. It is best to feel safe. Also go online and read up on the side effects of caffeine and how to cut your habit and give it up. A nice mug of Starbucks coffee tastes great first thing in the morning when you are fresh and alert and to kick-start your day; it is not pleasant when it makes you nervous and erratic and you feel like jumping out of your skin. You want to avoid anxiety and coffee is a stimulant. Without a doubt an intake of too much caffeine can put your life in jeopardy. Read more on how to safeguard yourself.