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This is a question many people would love to have answers for because we all know how dangerous blood pressure can be to the life of a person. It is really possible to lower blood pressure naturally without talking all the medications that doctors talk about, medications which are sometimes to hard to get and too expensive to be afforded by some blood pressure patients. All you need is to get focused on all the other natural ways of reducing your blood pressure and to adopt them fully and all will be well with you.

Meditate to Lower Blood Pressure


In order to lower blood pressure naturally, many people recommend transcendental meditation, or TM as it is commonly referred to. This is a situation where you sit in a certain calm position and you repeat a certain word for a long time without moving or losing focus. The rest attained this way is believed to give the body and the mind a balanced state which is great in reducing blood pressure. Blood pressure comes as a result of one overworking their mind in a way and once the mind is relaxed then there will be no blood pressure incidents in the future.


Another way to lower blood pressure naturally is by use of garlic. There are certain ingredients in garlic which are believed to fight hypertension. However, you need to eat raw and fresh garlic in order to get the nutrients to your body system. If you only use cooked garlic, the nutrients will be lost and then you will not have the effects it can offer to your situation. At least two fresh and raw cloves garlic in a day can help in lowering your blood pressure to a great extent, and this means a healthier life thereafter.

Be Active


Exercises also have a great role to play when you want to lower blood pressure naturally. It is believed that exercises calm one’s body and mind, and they give a person a relaxed feeling which is a great requirement in lowering blood pressure. Again, you will not have worked your mind so much, and so the likelihood of bloodpressure will be low. You can start by doing some walks at least for thirty minutes a day in order to relax your whole body and the mind as well. These walks will give you the desired results at the end of the day even before you advance to more tough exercises.

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Another great way in which you can lower bloodpressure naturally is by use of the red pepper. Not many people like it, but it is said that red pepper contains a great substance which has a great effect on blood pressure. If you add some pepper to your diet every day, you will have reduced your blood pressure greatly. It equalizes your blood pressure so much, and this will prevent future pressure. Remember the more pepper you use on your food, the better the effect will be, therefore try as much as possible to adapt it.


There are many ways to lower blood pressure, and the best ways are natural. There is no need to buy expensive medications for maintenance. Nature itself has given us the gift of healing with many fruits and vegetables that are proven effective in lowering blood pressure. Staying active with daily exercises will also help in maintaining healthy blood pressure.