My Internet Looks Fuzzy

Have you noticed that when you are surfing the web everything has a grey fuzzy look to it?   If so,  your LCD maybe coverd in dust!  Ohh no, what can I do, I like my Internet to look nice and shinny.  Well, just like your car, your house, your clothes, your body; your computer and in this case, your LCD needs a good cleaning too.    But how do I clean my LCD you ask?   It is actually much easier than you might think.   Follow the few simple instructoins below and next thing you know, your Netflix shows will look like new!

Time to Go Shopping

Items you will may want to obtain or purchase to clean an LCD:

  1. Dirty LCD
  2. LCD cleaning towels (nice one shot deal)  OR
  3. Micro fiber clothes
  4. LCD cleaning spray
  5. Water
  6. A little bit of elbow grease (got to go easy on a LCD)

I'm gonna wash that fuzz right out of my Internet

First of all, use care when cleaning LCD screens. Most LC D screens are not really constructed to be touched and/or have pressure put on them. It is very important for you to exercise care in the handling liquid crystal displays. There are tiny dots that make up the images on the screen, each are a separate transistor/crystal.  To much pressure can "crack" the pixels easily, and even the "rough" surface of paper towels may scratch the display surface. When pixels are damaged, you will notice black spots that fill those areas of your LCD monitor.  Take a look at the following the procedure below to clean your LCD:

  1. First and foremost, turn off the LCD screen.  You may also want to unplug it, actually please unplug it.
  2. Use LCD screen cleaning towels, you should look for products that say "LCD Screen Cleaning".  They can be found in packages of 1, 5 and even canisters of 100. ***
  3. Once you obtain some, with very little pressure, wipe all areas of the screen to remove dust, spots and fingerprints. If you find some hard to clean spots slightly apply a little more pressure but always remember... be careful.
  4. The screen will dry, on its own and should now be clean and clear.
  5. Plug in and then turn it back on.  Check that there are no image issues such as dark spots or discoloration. 
  6. If everything looks good, with a weary face, promptly announce, "This LCD is clean."

***Note: Use only LCD monitor wipes. If LCD monitor wipes are unavailable, wet a soft cloth, micro fiber clothes are the best, with WATER and wipe screen gently.