Entrance to Canadian Medical Schools

Medical Schools in Canada

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If someone wishes to study medicine in Canada, there are a variety of options available. From a  Doctor of Medicine degree program which takes from three to four years to Physician Assistant degrees that can be received in a couple of years’ time, there is a huge range of possibilities available.

MD or Doctor of Medicine is a degree that is considered to be an undergraduate degree in this country but most people enter this program after having completed a previous degree program. The field of the previous bachelor’s degree can be anything related to science or medicine or something completely different.

How to Get Admission in Canadian Medical Schools

Getting admitted to a Canadian medical school requires a lot of prior planning. Some medical schools in Canada will not require a bachelor’s degree from a student who is trying to get into the MD program but some medical school might have a requirement for that.

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This is why it is important to check the website and prospectus of the Canadian medical schools that you are going to apply for and see what their eligibility criterion is in regard to the bachelor’s degree. Some people can also get in if they have completed a CEGEP diploma.

Some medicals schools will require three years of previous university study while others might need only two years. The detailed guides on admission in various locations and universities are available through the Association of Faculties of Medicine in Canada AFMC website.

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A student will also need to complete a personal statement; take the MCAT test and pass with a good score, have a good GPA in their undergraduate program and also provides an autobiographical sketch. All this is a requirement for all reputable and major medical schools in Canada.

Canadian Medical Schools Information

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Usually a medical school requires you to take a four year program in order to complete your doctor’s degree. But two medical schools namely McMaster University and University of Calgary are unique in this regard.

This is because these universities have three year programs which do not get interrupted in the summer months. The first part of the curriculum is generally medicine which includes subjects like anatomy, genetics, microbiology, physiology, pharmacology, ethics and epidemiology.

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The student will also have to take part in the actual management of patients by becoming clinical clerks. During this time they get a taste of what it is like being in a real hospital and treating patients. This is a way to give them real life experience along with theoretical knowledge.

 Canadian Medical School Summary

Canadian medical schools are a smart choice for someone who is willing to go the extra step in order to complete their medical degree program. The Doctor of Medicine program or MD degree is the most popular type of program and can take anywhere from three to four years depending on university and the type of previous education that you have had.