The number of Canadian players who are now enjoying online bingo has grown substantially; today, it is possible to find people of every age group that are playing online on a regular basis.

Before bingo became readily accessible to anyone with an internet connection, it was played in private homes, bingo halls and even churches.

The convenient nature of playing online bingo has made it one of the fastest growing segments in the gaming industry. Your computer takes care of most of the work by generating different playing cards. Players have the option of either playing for money or just for the fun of it.

While winning money is always a good thing, it's often thought of more as entertainment than a game such as poker. Many online bingo sites allow for players to interact in a social environment, which keeps players coming back to their favorite sites, often on a daily basis. Playing online provides you with a great opportunity to get acquainted with people who are as fond of online bingo as you are!

If may be interesting to note that the online bingo industry has already been around for more than a decade. It has recently become one of the fastest growing segments of the gaming industry with millions of dollars spent each and every month by players around the world. While it may not have reached the popularity level of a game such as poker, the dedicated individuals who play bingo have helped the game to quite a firm position in todays online gaming industry.

In the past there may have been concerns about the safety of providing the personal details needed by the online bingo sites to help new players set up their account. However, in recent years when speaking about the online bingo industry as a whole, it is imprtant to mention that it has a reputation as one of the most secure niches in the industry.

Todays top sites have earned the trust of it's players by providing a guarantee of the security of the personal information that is shared.

If you are from Canada and are interested in getting started with online bingo, but are a bit hesitant to deposit real money into an account, why not take advantage of one of the generous bonus offers being promoted by the various bingo sites? Often, you can enjoy free online bingo with a free registration. This allows you to get a feel for the site without having to make the commitment of making a deposit.

Also, most sites will allow you to play without installing any software on your personal computer; you can play right online with no download, and begin to enjoy all of the fun that online bingo has to offer.