The Wealthy Helping People In Need

There are many Canadian rich people giving away money that deserve some recognition for their efforts to help people in need of financial assistance.  Whether you are looking at the millionaires and billionaires on this list as an opportunity to raise money for charity, as a way to ask for personal financial help, or just to find out who is doing their part to help those less fortunate than most, this listing is for you.  Inspire yourself to help out the needy and you might make someone else’s list someday as well.  It’s good to know there are some wealthy people in Canada giving away money to help people in need.

Galen Weston

The chairman of the W. Garfield Weston Foundation, which has given away over 200 million dollars of the years to people in need of assistance, Galen Weston deserves to be on the list.  He’s a billionaire that cares about others and seeks to help them out.  According to Wikipedia, he’s the 133 richest person in the world, with a net worth of 7.1 billion dollars.

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Bryan Adams

In a unique approach to helping people in need, Adams performs multiple charitable concerts with the proceeds going to various organizations.  He is one of the famous wealthy people from Canada that gave money to help people in need in Haiti.  Adams was given The Order of Canada (an award) for his philanthropic and charitable work over the years through his own foundations.

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Celine Dion

The Celine Dion Foundation raises funds for cystic fibrosis, so she belongs on the list of the many rich and famous Canadians giving away money to help people in need.  She is known to participate in many other fundraisers and charitable events.  Her philanthropic work is recognized by many well, so she deserves some recognition for her efforts and contributions.

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Dan Aykroyd

This guy is very active when it comes to raising and giving free money to people in need.  Millionaires and the rich and famous don’t always help out others, but Aykroyd does.  A partial listing of the many causes he’s been known to support include: Artists Against Racism, Dream Foundation, Eblen Charities, SickKids Foundation, and Best Friend’s Animal Society.  He’s just one of the many rich and famous millionaires and billionaires that are doing their part to help those less fortunate.

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Michael J Fox

The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research raises money to help out those suffering from this medical problem.  It’s good to know that this popular Canadian actor is doing his part to assist others suffering from the same condition as he.

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Keanu Reeves

He won the 2009 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Charity Race, which is just one of the many fundraising efforts he’s taken part.  Of course, he’s not limited to racing, since he’s known to help other groups. PETA, the Wildlife WayStation, and Angelwear all benefit from the work of Reeves.  It’s nice to see some high level actors doing their part to make sure those in need of assistance get some.  He’s just one of the many celebrities that donate time and money to aid others.

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William Shatner

Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and the Canadian Intensive Care Foundation of Calgary all benefit from the charitable work of Shatner.  In a rather amusing story of giving, Mr. Shatner sold his removed kidney stone for $25,000 and used the money to help fund building a house for Habitat for Humanity.  The philanthropic work of Shatner is aiding many people that are less fortunate or need financial help.  The free money he helps to raise for groups is making a difference.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about Canadian rich people giving away money free of charge to help others in need.

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