There is nothing more exciting than planning a road trip vacation. It does not matter where you go, when you get there, because that is part of the magic of the road trip vacation. It gets even more exciting when the road trip involves going to a foreign country, like Canada. There are some things to take into account, and prepare for, and we will walk you through some of those things in this article.

At The Border Going Into Canada    

Besides packing all the essentials only done your trip, there is one thing that you cannot leave home without, your passport. Having an up to date passport is mandatory, you will not be able to cross into Canada without one. This also means that everyone who travels with you will also need a passport, even the kids. Once see the signs for the border checkpoint, it would be a good idea to get passports out and ready. The guards at the border do not like to waste time.

It would also help in planning your trip to know what is allowed in Canada, and what is not. If you are on prescription medication, be sure to bring along not only a copy of your prescription, but also a letter from your doctor, detailing what drugs he has prescribed to you, and for what purpose. This is the only way you will be able to bring your prescription drugs with you. It may seem to be a bother, but if they are needed for a serious medical condition, then you will have to comply with the rules. The alternative is to have the drugs impounded at the border.

Canadian Border Etiquette

When you approach the border crossing, there are a few simple rules you need to keep in mind in order to avoid causing any trouble during authorization of entry. First, make sure that all registration materials such as license plate and title are up-to-date on your car. If the border guard suspects that the car is not properly registered, or potentially stolen, it will be impounded. The windows must be rolled down in order to ensure that the officers can see all the passengers in the vehicle, and be able to address them. This will remove any suspicion about the occupants of an approaching vehicle that the guards could have. You are not allowed to bring food or drink into Canada from the United States, so if you have unfinished meals with you, you will have to dispose of them before being able to cross the border.

On The Road

The best thing about a road trip, is that it is about the journey as much as the destination. Planning ahead will allow you to book a hotel in advance, plot out stops along the way, and allow you to relax for the journey and enjoy it for what it is. Just remember to make good use of every stop they do make for food, and try not to court trouble along the way. Be safe and enjoy your trip to visit our neighbors to the north!