Canal and Narrowboat living


The English love of water has never been greater than today as narrow boats are becoming more popular than ever,

For some living on a boat only 7ft wide and various lengths ranging from 30ft to 70ft may seem very claustrophobic, but the reality is how much space is required, a mid size boat has a living area with a galley (kitchen) moving towards the stern will be an adequate shower room and toilet the bedroom with a double bed.

A cruiser boat will have the added luxury of an outside area that will adequately take a small table and two chairs.

Once set up in your mobile canal home you are free to explore the waterways of the Great Britain.

The first canal boats were an important part of the Industrial revolution in the 1800s with wooden boats being drawn by horses from the towpath.

With the emerging of the railway families began to live on board to save money on rent and were soon to be known as “Boat People”.

In the early twentieth century steam and diesel replaced the horse which made it possible to tow and extra boat.

Once living on the boats the decorative painting which is now renowned became popular as their floating homes became important to their life

The narrow boat was almost extinguished as a way of life between 1945 and the last regular long distance traffic finishing in 1970.  

There was a small amount of boats working the Grand Union Canal until the mid 1990 but now the canals have now been taken over by the narrow boat enthusiast.

The new modern boats are a far cry from the original narrow boat of the 1800s with home from home luxuries now common place.

It is possible to have your own boat tailor made by central heating, solar panels, and fully equipped kitchens.

Life on the canal has never been more popular as the English love affair with water continues with the emergence of marinas being built around the country with facilities such as a laundry, shower blocks and even wi-fi connection.

Another Industry that if thriving is restaurants and pubs that are canal side.

Canal living has certainly changed in the two hundred years since the navies were cutting through the English landscape to aid the Industrial revolution.

The Weekend boater and the new breed of occupants who know live around the country are the new boat people.

The modern crafts are now commonplace but there is still something individual about the older boats that are being restored with the simple luxuries by the true enthusiast, similar to his counterpart on the roads with their classic cars.

The Holiday market has also rediscovered the canals with narrow boat holidays becoming more and more popular.

The English love of water has never been greater with the emergence of land locked counties also enjoying the pull of the water.

The canals have emerged into big business no longer the areas to avoid, with the building of canal side apartments along side bars and restaurants the young are enjoying the new experience and continuing the great English love of the water away from the sea.