Floating Candle Centerpieces

The best candle centerpiece ideas:

Candle centerpieces can add the feeling of luxury and elegance to any dinner, event, or wedding. The number of table decorations you can choose from can be overwhelming, and you may be temped to hire a professional to handle your centerpiece design. Perhaps if you have limited time, a professional may be able to save you some headaches, but don't call in haste. Review the following candle centerpiece ideas to help jump start your creativity and make a decorative candle table decoration of your own.

Types of decorative candle centerpieces:

Floating Candle (38903)Floating canldes

The most popular centerpiece you can easily make at home is the floating candle centerpiece. Using many of the items you may already own, you can create a shimmering multi-candle centerpiece that captures the attention of anyone entering the room. The creative options are limitless as you combine colors, flower petals, fruit slices, colored water, glass beads, candle shapes, or anything else you can think of that sparkles. The subtle movements of the water in combination with the flame are sure to impress all of your guests.

Bulb VaseLamp Shield

One of the simplest centerpieces you can make is called a lamp shield. Encase scented pillar candles inside a curved, bulbed, or tapered glass bowl or vase. Similar to the floating candle centerpiece, the reflecting candlelight and shadows created by the vase are sure to stand out among the decor. Additionally the shield can be partially filled with additional elements such as glass beads, flower petals, or surrounded by entire flower bouquets.

Candle Bouquet

Candle bouquets have become almost an entire industry in themselves. There are companies that will hand carve elaborate wax creations that fit the theme of your event or wedding. They are slow burning, and often remain the centerpiece of a newlyweds home for months. However, because they are expensive and temporary most people choose to use candles of their own to make a beautiful candle bouquet for a fraction of the price. The key to a great bouquet is a variety of size and colors. Find as many candles in your color pallet as you can in varying heights and thicknesses. Then, stand them up on a small mirror on the table tying them all together with a nice ribbon and bow. Sprinkle flower petals around the base to blend them into the table.


For the simplest candle centerpiece idea, simply purchase a pre-made candelabra and fill it with your favorite color candles. Candelabras come in varying shapes and sizes, and hold every different type of candle. It can be very tempting to purchase an expensive candelabra, but you can easily save money by buying a cheaper unit and decorating the area around it with traditional flower bouquets, ribbon, pebbles, glass beads, or anything that fits the theme of your event. Use a cheaper candelabra as the "structure" around which you build your decorative candle centerpiece.

Choosing to make your own candle centerpiece can be a great way to express your creativity and make your wedding or event more memorable by investing yourself into the project. Additionally by using the DIY method you can save hundreds of dollars that you can apply to other areas of your event.