Glass Marbles

Elegant candle centerpieces with glass marbles:

A well designed candle centerpiece with glass marbles can add a feeling of elegance, luxury, and class to your wedding, event, or dinner. The role of a candle table centerpiece is not just to provide beauty, but in fact they serve a much greater purpose. The perfect candle centerpiece will subtly keep guests having great conversations because it naturally draws attention to the center of the table, rather than directly down at the plates and utensils. Many people are tempted to hire professional decorators and designers to help them choose the best candle centerpieces with glass marbles for their wedding or event, but with a little patience and determination to can save hundreds of dollars by finding the perfect yourself.

Types of candle centerpieces with glass marbles:

Floating Candle Centerpiece - The most popular and breathtaking centerpieces right now are floating candle centerpieces. By simply changing the shape of a candle, manufacturers are able to make candles that float effortlessly on top of water in a glass bowl centerpiece creating a stunning contradiction of fire and water. The beauty of floating candle centerpieces is that they add character and depth through reflecting light through the water. Glass marbles add even more depth to the piece as light is refracted off of the marbles in every direction and color. The combination of fire and water, subtle water movement and fixed glass marbles create one of the best candle centerpieces with glass marbles available. Additionally, you can find great discount floating candles on the Internet to make it an extremely affordable candle centerpiece idea.

Glass Bowl Centerpiece - If adding water to the equation is not feasible, glass marbles actually make a wonderful substitute for water itself. Filling a glass bowl to the brim with glass marbles and adding a few flowers not only gives you a stable foundation to create your bouquet, but also mesmerizes guests as they look deep into the candle centerpiece with glass marbles seeing no end.

Candle Bouquet With Glass Marbles - An inexpensive and impressive way to create a completely unique centerpiece with glass marbles is to build a "candle bouquet" out of as many different sizes and shapes of candles you can find. The one downside of this technique is that you leave exposed edges that seem unfinished. By placing the bouquet on a small glass mirror, and piling glass marbles all around the bouquet, you can create a stunning, candle table centerpiece that seems to flow right into the table.

The best part about using glass marbles in your candle centerpiece, is that it makes it extremely easy to create your own unique look without consulting the help of a professional. Although they are very basic and straight forward, candle centerpieces with glass marbles are some of the most beautiful decorations you can buy. With the reasonable price of glass marbles, and discount floating candles available online, you can make something that will shock and awe your guests.