Decorating your home with candles you made yourself adds a personal touch to an otherwise standard knickknack. Even better, giving homemade candles away as gifts is a delightful way to share your creativity and affection. However, one of the hardest parts of candle making is finding all the supplies you need without spending a fortune on the hunt. Here, we help you skip that step, telling you how to find everything you need to create beautiful, fragrant candles.

The easiest supplies to purchase are those that can be found at house wares stores. A double boiler or slow cooker to melt you wax can be bought in any kitchen supply store. There, you can also find a high-temperature cooking thermometer. These items will probably be less expensive at a kitchen wares store as opposed to a craft or specialty store.

Other items recommended but not required for candle making can be found in this same department. These include an apron, hot pads or oven mitts, and cooling racks. Some experienced candle makers recommend having wax paper, paper towels, and a small scale handy. You can also purchase your wax here, in the section selling canning supplies.

In addition to these items, you will need wicks, candle molds, mold sealer, a spray called mold release, a wick holder, different types of wax, such as soy or beeswax, candle dye and fragrance oil. These items are specific and you do not want to attempt to improvise for these supplies or your candles may be ruined. These supplies can be found at larger craft stores, such as Joann's Fabric and Craft stores. Often, large craft stores will have candle making kits for beginners. If you are new to this hobby, you may want to start with one of these kits before investing in a large quantity of supplies.

If you do not have a Joann's or a similar store near you, all hope is not lost. The internet can help you find anything you may need. You can purchase your supplies from a craft store's online shopping application, or you can try a small internet business which specializes in candle making. However, for a beginner, you may want to purchase through a larger dealer that you trust. Online stores, such as, have anything you may need, as well as a wide range of how-to books and videos. This may be a better choice until you are more comfortable and knowledgeable concerning your new hobby.

Now that you have your shopping list and a plan, you are ready to begin your new craft. With these supplies and your creativity, you will soon have a selection of beautiful candles. Enjoy the candle making process and good luck!