Ideas for Candy Buffet Containers and More

There are many options for your candy buffet supplies.  Just perusing at images of different candy buffets demonstrates that no two are exactly alike.  All that is needed is a little time to plan and some imaginations.

When buying your supplies, the first thing to consider is what kind of candy you are going to use.  Brides and grooms often use elegant color schemes like pink, black and white, or "love" colors like red, pink and white, for their wedding buffet.  Others choose to contrast white candies with one other color, such as teal, red or black.

Parents planning a candy Bat Mitzvah theme for their daughter can use the color scheme they selected for the table linens or use a rainbow of bright primary colors or pastels.  

Once the color scheme has been decided, then purchasing the candy in bulk is the next thing to do.  How much is ordered depends on different factors such as:

  • How many guests are attending
  • If the candy buffet is for dessert only or is to be out the entire party
  • How many different kinds of treats are being ordered
  • How many ounces of candy each guest will receive

The more guests you have, the more candy you will need.  Typically, between six to eight ounces of candy should be enough if the candy buffet is going to be put out for dessert only.  More candy will have to be ordered if the buffet will be out for the entire party, as it will need to be refilled throughout the affair.

Once the amount of sweets needed has been figured out, then the fun begins!  Here are the additional supplies you will need to have a beautiful and trendy buffet.

Candy Buffet Jars

In order to have an elegant looking spread, a variety of different vessels to hold the candy need to be artfully arranged on the candy buffet table.  The jars should have different heights and widths.  Be creative: the jars do not need to be jars at all!  They can be large martini glasses, vases, trifle bowls or punch bowls.  Anything clear made of glass, acrylic or lucite will work.  The sweets need to be seen.Candy Buffet ContainersCredit:

Tall confections,  such as rock candy swizzle sticks and licorice, will need long, narrow containers to stay upright.  Sweets that require scooping will need wide mouth jars.  For large treats or chocolate, tiered plates or flat plates set in the front will work.

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Candy Buffet Take Home Containers

Wilton Candy Box GoldCredit: at your affair will need to take the confections home in some type of container.  There are candy buffet boxes in all shapes and sizes. 

You can choose from:

Personalized candy boxes

Chinese take out party favor boxes

Candyland party favor boxes

Square favor boxes

Themed favor boxes

Instead of boxes, you can opt to have guests use bags to take home their favorite sweets.  There are different bag options. You can have paper bags, plastic coated bags, plastic bags, and colored bags.  Some of these can be personalized for the occasion.

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Candy Buffet Labels

The final supply to order is a label for the containters.  These personalized stickers are the Candy Buffet ScoopsCredit: touch to the containers that were ordered.

Additional Candy Buffet Supplies

Although candy is the focal point of the table, there are other decorating options to really jazz it up.  Picture frames of the wedding couple or the Bat Mitzvah girl will add a personal touch to the candy buffet.  Choose frames that match the confections create a coordinated look.

Small votive candles, which remain unlit, will also add a dimension to the display.

Lollipop displays and gumdrop trees give the candy buffet table height.  Candy necklaces and bracelets can also be hung from the branches.

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A few of these scatted on the buffet table offer a bright visual for a very low price. Buy lollipops that are gourmet or retro ones like Tootise Pops to give adults a nostalgic feeling.

The Finishing Touches to Your Buffet Table

Candy buffet decorations-candy themed balloonsCredit:

Candy themed balloons anchored with weights to the dessert table gives the buffet a festive look.   If the buffet is  located near a wall, a giant removable Candyland wall stickers are an inexpensive way to decorate.

Once all of the supplies have been purchased, practice setting it up.  If more height is needed, prop a box under the tablecloth.  When the design is perfected, take a picture of it.  Then on paper, lay it out so whomever is setting it up knows exactly where everything needs to be. Inside each box on the paper, write which candy goes.

inside.  On the outside of each container, place a sticky note that also tells what candy goes in, where it goes on the table, and draw the shape of the container in case it gets loose.  This system should prevent any mistakes from happening.

There are a plentitude of candy buffet supplies.  The most difficult decision is choosing which ones you want to have on your table!


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