The Saga Begins

As I sit here waiting...once again… for an appointment that should have started fifteen minutes ago… I start to get the twitch.  You see, I went cold turkey and deleted Candy Crush Saga off my iPhone after spending a record breaking (for me) eight hours playing level after delicious level.  Realizing I had just thrown away an entire day playing a game, I hit the delete button. It was painful.  It was harsh.  I am pretty sure I had chest pains and nausea.  When the app informed me that ALL of my hard earned work would disappear… I almost chickened out.  In a moment of quiet desperation to reengage my actual life that included human beings and the furry little troublemakers living in our home, I pushed the “delete” button.  

Time Traveling

I knew this whole thing was getting out of hand when I started “time traveling”  If you are not sure of what time traveling is, it has absolutely nothing to do with a Back to the Future style of Dolorian travel and everything to do with messing with the date and time on your iPhone settings.  Eeek.  I had discovered the key to getting more lives without waiting.  Time TravelCredit: mconnors

By the time I recognized that my Candy Crush Saga addiction had consumed every spare moment of my life I had time travelled to August 27, 2022.  It was a glorious year, full of striped and rainbow candies skillfully decimating the jellies.  In 2022 I conquered each level one by one until I had ultimately reached level 287.  And then came the fall of my Candy Kingdom.  My littlest furry troublemaker (a six pound mini pinscher that runs on three legs and gets into everything) peered up at me with her little brown eyes as if to say “why won’t you put down your phone and pet me??” It. Broke. My. Heart.

Completion Freak

I became convinced this game will continue on level after blessed level and I will never be able to complete the game, thus keeping me addicted like a junkie waiting for the next hit.  Then before I could stop myself the delete button was pushed with as much trepidation as if I had just released a virus that was going to kill off all hopes, dreams, and aspirations of becoming the Master of the Candy Crush Universe.


Recovery has been difficult and slow.  In a moment of weakness I fell off the wagon and downloaded the app again…reengaging the deliciousness of candy matching love.  I made it to level 72 before deleting the app again. 

Letting Go

Here are the top three things I have found to be most helpful in letting go of this highly addictive game:

             1) I admitted to myself that I was powerless over my online game addiction and that my life had become unmanageable.  It is generally frowned upon by functioning society to spend your days milling about in a ponytail, t-shirt and yoga pants in a video game induced coma like state.

             2) I take it one step at a time.  I no longer curse at my Facebook when someone sends me a request for Candy Crush Saga. Patience little grasshopper.

            3) I practice an attitude of gratitude.  I am so grateful for the friends, family, and furry little troublemakers in my life.  Spending vast amounts of time sucked into a non-productive game takes away from the important things around me.  It is time to take one step back from numbing out… and spend our precious moments engaging the people around us.