Canker sores are small, painful, open wounds in the mouth.  They can show up on the tongue, roof of your mouth, or inside the cheek.  Some people get them regularly, some get them when they get sick, and some are completely random.  A canker sore is not to be confused with a cold sore.

The pain from a canker sore usually only lasts a few days, and the wound will heal on its own in about 10 days.  For instant relief and speeding up the healing process, check out these home remedies:

Be Gentle

Canker sores are extremely sensitive and you need to take caution when brushing your teeth and eating.  Try your best not to aggravate the wound with your toothbrush.  When eating try to stay away from acidic or spicy foods because they can cause inflammation.  You will also need to chew carefully in order not to bite the sore or let food constantly rub up against it.  


There are a few different things you can rinse out your mouth with that are proven to help canker sores.

  • Warm Saltwater:  Be generous with the salt and prepare to a bit of stinging.  It's worth it in the longrun.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide:  This will foam up nicely and bubble away at the open sore much like it would on any normal cut on your skin.  This will keep the sore clean.
  • Milk of Magnesia + Benadryl liquid:  This with soothe and coat the canker sore and relieve some of the pain.
  • Water:  It helps keep your mouth clean of food leftover and cold water can soothe the pain.

Don't go crazy with these, a few times a day will do the trick.


This home remedy is one that most people do not know about.  Alum is a spice used mostly for pickling cucumbers, but it can be a godsend for canker sore relief.  Alum is not meant to be ingested in large amounts, so be careful.

You can wet the tip of your CLEAN finger or a Q-tip and then stick some alum to it, then apply to the affected area.  Now you have to sit for a minute or two and let the alum go to work.  It may burn a bit and you will be accumulating a lot of saliva.  After your done spit, rinse, and repeat a couple times.  The next day, your sore should be feeling a lot better.


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