Soups are a brilliant type of food especially for cold winter days, as the warm mixture both warms you and give you a tasty meal to enjoy. They are one of the few liquid based meals that are really classified as a food rather than a drink and so are also great for people with a restricted appetite as it provides energy in a liquid form that is very easy to digest.

Soups themselves have been around in basic forms for thousands of years, as our ancestors would have originally boiled meat and vegetables infusing their flavours into a liquid concoction. However soups really took off with the invention of canned food around the turn of the 19th century. For the first time soups could be preserved for long periods of time without it going off. This was because the canning process involved the mixture being heated to kill any bacteria and then sealed shut to prevent any bacteria from entering the soup and making it go off. This meant that soups could be stocked by shops and stores and were available for people to buy and keep in the cupboard. This tradition still continues today, but it has also become very popular for people to make their own soups at home. This trend has always existed, but with the advent and popularity of cookery programmes, home cooking soups has become ever more popular.

There really are a lot of arguments for both types of soups. Buying canned soup is really much easier than making your own and it is also relatively cheap and they can be consumed at any time. However many people prefer to know exactly what is going into their food and enjoy the taste of fresh ingredients. Indeed making soups at home is actually much easier than most people think- I can barely cook yet I can still make a tasty leek and potato soup in less than half an hour. Making soup at home may not be quite as cheap as buying canned soup, but it isn’t exactly expensive as most soups tend to use very basic and simple ingredients.

Another reason to be enthusiastic about making soups yourself is the enormous range of different types that are available, and you are not restricted to the popular canned flavours. You can now buy cookery books that focus exclusively on soups which give you plenty of different ideas and recipes to try out. Another option is to even consider experimenting yourself with ingredients that suit your taste. However, before you do this it is worth becoming familiar with making a few basic soups first. Soups can be made out of most kinds of vegetables and meats, and even combinations of the two. With such a vast range of ingredients to work with there really are plenty of different soups that you can come up with.

Whether you are making your own soup or buying it by the can, it really is a wonderful meal and is especially good when served with a thick slice of bread with a thin layer of butter.