Are you planning a trip to the beautiful town of Cannon Beach, Oregon? If you are, then there are a few hotels that you may want to take a look at before you go and start booking dates with your travel agent, or even calling to reserve your rooms. First, figure out how long you want to stay, to make sure the hotel you call is even going to have vacancy. Cannon Beach hotels are usually readily available, but at certain times of the year, like the middle of August, you may be unable to find a room on short notice. Many of the Hotels in Cannon Beach are quite luxurious and provide guests with the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

The Ocean Lodge located on Pacific Street is a quaint lodge with ample room capacity, as well as intimate dining areas, sitting areas, fireplaces, and gorgeous sunset views. When we stayed here the first time we had a wonderful stay. The luxurious ocean view room was literally right on the water and I couldn't believe we got such a great room for such a reasonable price. This is typical of what you can expect from a hotel in Cannon Beach.

Stephanie Inn is located on South Pacific street, just up the road from the Ocean Lodge, and provides excellent fine dining, and an incredible way to relax, and get away from the stresses of day to day life. You can see the ocean from the double doors located inside virtually every room, with the bOcean Lodgeed in direct visibility of the ocean. You could lay there all day watching the waves come in, and then all night watching the stars, listening to the waves steady crashing against the beach. We stayed at the Stephanie for our anniversary a few years ago and my wife proclaimed afterwards that it was, "The best hotel ever! Best breakfast ever! Great staff; everybody is so nice and caring to your needs." We spend over 30 days a year in hotels, for personal and business use, so we know hotels. This one is top notch. This is yet another fine example of a top of the line hotel in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Schooner's Cove Inn is another excellent hotel located on the water in Cannon Beach, Oregon. They have many exceptional features including quite spacious rooms, breakfast nooks overlooking the ocean, as well as a very patient and helpful staff. This is one of our old standbys that we stay in again and again just because the facility and the service is so consistently good. All of this combined adds up to make for a very enjoyable experience, so if you are planning to take a vacation, or even a business trip to Cannon Beach, you may want to consider Schooner's Cove as a place to rest your head, and escape.

There are many, many more excellent Cannon Beach hotels to choose from in all price ranges, but these three hotels are our favorites. They are all right on the beach and if we are going to stay at the beach we want to stay on the beach! We want to be able to see Haystack Rock from our room and listen to the ocean waves.

There are great beach hotels all up and down the Oregon coast. The hotels in Bandon are all wonderful and Yachats hotels include some of our other favorites like the Overleaf Hotel and Fireside Hotel where we can bring the dog with us. But, Cannon Beach is where our heart is and where we end up spending the most weekends at the beach. And one of the big reasons is the fabulous hotels in Cannon Beach.