Cannondale SuperSix Bicycle Review

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The Cannondale SuperSix is an entry level carbon road bike that's been extremely popular since it's introduction in 2008. These bikes are equipped, at entry level, with quality components, and they have an extremely pleasing and responsive ride, further contributing to their success. While they are on the expensive side for an entry level bike, the quality of the ride and components will make sure that you've not only got a bike that can ride with the best of them, but also one that will last and give you years of great usage. 

You can learn a bit more about the Cannondale SuperSix 105 and how it performs in this review.

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Cannondale SuperSix Review: Parts and Components

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The Cannondale SuperSix is, as mentioned before, a carbon road frame, and as such it's extremely light. It's not quite as light as some higher end models, and the carbon fibre used in this bicycle is slightly heavier due to the lower grade of material used. That said, the Cannondale SuperSix carbon frame is still ten times stronger than steel, and lighter than most comparable bikes out there! 

The downtube is absolutely massive! Oversized tubing is a common feature on all models of the Cannondale SuperSix, and it's meant to increase rigidity and overall strength.

The components you can expect to find on a Cannondale SuperSix includes mostly Shimano 105 parts, and they are pretty high quality. This is a step below the Ultegra groupo you can find on other bikes at higher price points, but they are still great quality, very light, strong and not known to be prone to failure or rapid degradation.

The wheels on the Cannondale SuperSix are Mavic Aksiums, and they are great quality and very strong. Expect these wheels to stay true, spin forever and keep their shape for years of riding. 

Cannondale SuperSix Review: The Ride

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The Cannondale SuperSix 105 is a very rigid frame. You can expect almost no flex or unwanted frame movement. This results in an accelleration that is lightening fast and a responsiveness unmatched by lower priced bikes. The rigidity of the Cannondale SuperSix frame isn't surprising considering the chunkiness of the frame construction and components. Despite this girth, the weight is quite reasonable at just over 17 pounds, and you'll find accelleration to be no problem, even on a hill.

You will notice some vibration, though not as much as an aluminum frame, and you might notice the gearing isn't quite high enough for you if you live in a hilly area or frequently ride hills. That said, you won't find much to complain about with the Cannondale SuperSix!

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Cannondale SuperSix Review: Conclusion

The Cannondale SuperSix is a fantastic entry level ride for anyone wanting to break into the carbon fibre world. A great bicycle with Shimano 105 components that should last for a long time, and Mavic wheels that are strong and capable. 

Cannondale SuperSix Review:

Price: ~ $2000

Weight: 17.2 pounds