Canon camera bags can help you big time saving your expensive new cool camera. A lot of people are walking around with digitals nowadays and compared to the old film camera's there are a lot of advantages of course. But as this is a big investment, it is important to protect it well.

If you are ever to invest in a digital camera, or already did, quality is always key. It is important to get a good digital camera instead of a camera which breaks after using it a couple of times or, even worse, don't have quality pictures. Canon camera's are such products which will always deliver quality. Canon is famous for producing the best digital camera's in the world and taking beautiful pictures you will cherish forever.

As said, protecting this investment is important. Therefore we have the canon camera bags. They give you a way to protect your camera with a cool accessory. Obviously, the cute camera bags are not only protecting your camera, but they are something to make you look cool as well!

Canon Camera Bags: Some Basics

Pads or no pads?

As the bags are a safety shell for your camera, there should be something in it to actually protect your camera. With the canon camera bags almost always come pads which protect your digital camera when you drop the case. With the pads your investment will be bump-proof! For instance, when you are on a holiday and carrying the camera with you all day, there are always these situations you cannot prevent. You try to just laying down your camera, but you put it down to hard. You are climbing something and the camera slips away. With the pads this wouldn't be a problem

Water resistance

Some canon camera bags are made water resistant. Important when you are in places where, for instance, it rains a lot. Also when you are taking a canoe trip, the camera bag should be water resistant, as there is always some water in your canoe!

Strap it up

Another important factor in buying a bag is what the requirements of the straps are. Do you want to make it a shoulder bag? Or maybe more like a hacky sack? Should the straps be adjustable in length? When you are shopping for camera bags this is something to keep in mind as well.

Extra pockets

Not long ago the digital camera's all worked with double A batteries. As they work with rechargeable batteries now, it is less important. But having a backup battery is a good idea. Think about the importance of extra pockets before you go shopping. Besides battery having a (really tiny) pocket for extra memory disks are important as well. Nothing is as frustrating as having a full memory disk!


As said, cute camera bags are a reason to invest more time in the shopping process. If you think you are going to walk around a lot with your new bag, keep the looks in mind as well. It is an accessory in the end, so make sure to look good with it. Functionality is important, but hey, looking good means feeling good!


Whenever you make the jump to an expensive product, make sure to protect it well. Exactly what happens with these canon camera bags!