The Canon Pixma Pro9500 Mark II Professional Photo-Printer is the King of inkjet printers. It will handle 350gsm card up to A3 size and is the printer of choice for most professional photographers.


Quality of Print


The quality of printing you will get from this printer is as high as you will get from any one costing less than $3000. it is far, far superior to any inkjet printer you have ever seen before. You can print posters in a quality indistinguishable from off-set litho printers costing many thousands of dollars.


Color matching is excellent, with high-impact reds, purples and blues. Subtle color matching is similarly good.



The inks are pigment based, meaning that they are less subject to fading than are conventional dye-based inks used in most inkjet printers. There are 10 ink tanks, PG-9MBK (Matte Black), PG-9BK (Gloss Black), PG-9CY (Cyan), PG-9Y (Yellow), Pg-9PC (Pale Cyan), PG-9PM (Pale Magenta), PG-9GY (Grey), PG-9R (Red) and PG-9G (Green).

The ink tanks do not last long, so make sure you keep a spare one of each color in stock.




Printing on glossy paper gives some problems, with the black pigment ink causing a loss of glossy finish unless Canon glossy paper is used. This is more of a problem with color than with black and white images. There does not seem to be a satisfactory work around for this. So if you do a lot of gloss prints, make sure you use only Canon papers.




This is a large machine, twice the width of a standard computer-printer. It is a lot heavier too, being very

sturdy, 3lb weight, 1.4Kg. It really has a feeling of being built to last. If you are using A3 card stock then there is a highly unusual sheet feed; you insert the card at the front, it is taken to the back and then printed to come back out of the front. To accommodate the rear sheet feeder you need to position the printer well away from any walls at the rear



This printer is SLOW. An A4 sheet will take 5 minutes to print. This is not an everyday printer. Buy it as a special printer, either for professional use, or to produce top quality images at home. You must have a faster, lower running cost printer for everyday use. An A3 photo can take 20 minutes to print in top quality mode.



This is not an everyday printer, it is a specialist one with running costs that match its high quality output. Its cost (August 2010) is a shade over $685 from Amazon. You will also find lots of reviews at Amazon that you will need to read before buying a printer of this price.